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Dhampires said to Aimee369
Hi Send Dis Heart 2
Atleast 19 Ppl Including
Me If You Care For !!!
And If You Get Atleast
7 Back Then There Iz Sumone
Who Realy Luvz You. . .
Let'z See How Many Hearts You
Get !!! All The Best. . . . .
````````````$$$$$ Posted over a year ago
Sorry it I am a little over dramatic here, I just love his place. Ok so I'm thinking an article but I want everyone's thoughts as of what they think should be i it then I'll start writing and in te Emil's you guys will get a draft of it in your fanpopinbox Posted over a year ago
Aimee369 commented…
Hm.. something about the movie? predictions or something... :P over a year ago
alyy33 commented…
Good idea! over a year ago
Ever_Ozera commented…
I like the idea!but it has to also be in line with Bloodlines that begin after LS:) Maybe you should start writing and I would love to help with whatever you need:D over a year ago
Dhampires said about Fireflight
desperate is my favorite song by firefligh! The first time I heard Unbreakable by them I was in love with the eyrie band! At first I wasn't all that deep into it until I started listening because I did not like rock after listening to skillet and ire flight I couldn't help but look Rock Christian roc that is Posted over a year ago
I did I not know this club exsitied!!!!! Bbn I a a total die hard VA fan! I believe in Rose an Dimitri 1,000,000,000,000% but Rose and Lissa that is a whole other story that will LAST FOREVER!!!<3 HoweVer I I had chose who is hoter Dimitri, Christian or Adrian! DIMITRI WOULD WIN WITH OUT HESITATION!<3 The funniest would be Adria of course! But Christian would be in te middle of those two becaus he is a balance of them both in a way:) Then there is Boodlines...It's a great way to keep a alive:)<3 Posted over a year ago
Aimee369 commented…
Welcome!! :) I agree! =) over a year ago
alyy33 commented…
Welcome ♥ over a year ago
Dhampires commented…
Thanks for the acceptance ^_^ over a year ago
Ever_Ozera commented…
welcome! over a year ago
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Hello Naruto Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Posted over a year ago
Dhampires said about Lights
Is Lights Emo?! O_o Posted over a year ago
CameronLovesNny commented…
that's what i thought too....because she used to have snake bites when she was 18 9 months ago
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Dhampires said to 8theGreat
Thanks for the add Posted over a year ago
Dhampires said about Richelle Mead
I love the Dark Swan series almost as much as I do Vampire Academy and Bloodlines novels there totoally awesome!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
Dhampires said about Naruto Shippuuden
Sup all my Naruto Shippiden fans?!???!?!?!!!!!!!!! If your Sasuke fan girl let me hear you scream UCHIHA!!!!!! But if your a Naruto fan girl let me her you shout UZUMAKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if your a dye hard fan of either these just say so in your own matter: Minato:Madara:Itachi:Garra:Neji:Kiba:Lee:Shikmaru:Kakashi:Asuma:Deidera:Kisama:Sugistu (I didn't spell his name right did I? -_-) Posted over a year ago
Lilprick commented…
Imma fan of all of em guys except Madara, Asuma, Deidara, Kisame. I think Kakashi is one hella of a hottie. hehe over a year ago
pjwoww commented…
I am the only who thinks Naruto is hot?And of course I love Minato <3 over a year ago
PenguinCrazy14 commented…
I like all of then except Kisame. He just doesn't do it for me. :) But my absolute favorite is Shikamaru....mainly because he's me in anime form. :) over a year ago
Dhampires said about Eclipse
This is mu favorite of the Twilight Saga then there's Breaking Dawn (part 2) so AWESOME!!!! Can't wait til I can buy the movie Posted over a year ago