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ImAnEasel gave me props for my images
Haha, your icon is awesome. My favourite MU character. :D Posted 3 months ago
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LOVE UR ICON!!!!! I LOVE ART!!!!!!!! Posted 7 months ago
Elelovett commented…
Thank you! I love him too! My new obsession LOL XD 7 months ago
MINE TOO XD LOL 7 months ago
Elelovett commented…
Can I ask you something? Who's the guy in your icon? I see him everywhere and I still can't figure out who he is. I'm italian and he doesn't exist here. xD 7 months ago
Anchanian said …
A fan of King Julien *and* the Once-ler? Awesome! Posted 9 months ago
Elelovett commented…
Sorry if I answer just now...I didn't see this! xD Haha YES, I absolutely adore Julien and Once-ler, but also many other characters...XD 8 months ago
Takumim gave me props for my links
plzz... join my clubs and Posted 11 months ago
Big lapse guys!
I want to know in which episode Julien mocks Maurice and Mort. I really can't remember, I just remember the scene! Thank you. Posted 11 months ago
queenpalm commented…
It's Go Fish, I think. 11 months ago
Elelovett commented…
I too thought it was that one, but nope. T.T 11 months ago
Elelovett commented…
It was Herring Impaired! :D 10 months ago
I've just watched Madly Madagascar. Has anyone already watched it? :D I don't want to spoil, but I must say that the penguins were great as usual! xD Skipper was very funny! Anyway the lemurs were even crazier than usual and they did veeery strange things that left me like D: Posted over a year ago
27Kowalski commented…
I just finished it! It was awesome, I LOLed at all the Skipper/Lola parts. XD over a year ago
Kowalski1321 commented…
if there's a link someones gonna have to post it. I've haven't seen it yet! over a year ago
BellaBlueEyes13 commented…
I've seen it but there's one little problem...........I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! Tell me if that's a problem if you wanna go to my wall. There's another problem ............. I like the Lorax way better but do you know what I like better than the Lorax? The ONCE-LER!!!!!!! Sorry if that bothers everybody over a year ago
Elelovett said about Madly Madagascar
This movie is CRAZY. Even more than usual. D: Posted over a year ago
Merry Christmas and happy Julianuary everybody! *w*
I've just received my Madagascar 3 calendar and I'm very satisfied. :) Posted over a year ago
legendary7 commented…
Merry Christmas!!!!!!! I just got a nook!!!!!!! over a year ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Merry Christmas and Happy Julianuary to everybody from me too! :D I just got POM plushies! :D :D over a year ago
LeonardFan commented…
Merry late Christmas XD over a year ago
Elelovett said about The Once-ler
Merry Christmas Once-ler fans! ^^ Posted over a year ago
Elelovett said about Madly Madagascar
Any news about the movie? :( Posted over a year ago
Dimusion commented…
Madly Madagascar will be released on January 29, 2013. over a year ago
Elelovett commented…
Finally! <3 over a year ago