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Letter from Stephen Nathan, Executive Producer of BONES about 7x04

Review posted over a year ago
Dear Privileged Few,

Even though the episode is still being finished (sound, color timing, VFX, etc), we wanted our friends in the press to see it before it airs. Yes, it contains the usual horrifying remains and bizarre collection of suspects, but this episode includes a bit more – while we are usually reluctant to use the “very special episode” moniker, we feel that David’s performance is truly impressive. With the phenomenal support of our brilliant Emily, as well as Ralph Waite and Tina Majorino, David has brought new life and dimension to Booth and to his...

100 best horror movies ever

List posted over a year ago
100. They Live (1988, Directed by John Carpenter)

99. Hostel (2005, Written and Directed by Eli Roth)

98. Scream (1996, Directed by Wes Craven)

97. The Amityville Horror (1979, Directed by Stuart Rosenberg)

96. Frankenstein (1931, Directed by James Whale)

95. Horror of Dracula (1958, Terence Fisher)

94. The Mummy (1932, Directed by Karl Freund)

93. Darkness Falls (2003, Directed by Jonathan Liebesman)

The story of Cound Dracula (Greek)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Όλοι γνωρίζουν τον μύθο του αιμοβόρου βρικόλακα Δράκουλα που ζει μέχρι τις μέρες μας πίνοντας αίμα θνητών για να κρατήσει τη ζωή και τα νιάτα του.

Όλοι γνωρίζουν τον μύθο που έπλασε ο Ιρλανδός συγγραφέας Bram Stoker, χωρίς όμως να ξέρει κανείς γιατί το ον αυτό συνδέθηκε με το πραγματικό πρόσωπο που έζησε τον 15ο αιώνα μ.Χ., Vlad...

Tips for dealing with exam stress

Article posted over a year ago
Plan your time
Draw up a realistic revision schedule and stick to it. Include some time for relaxation — it's not healthy to constantly have your nose in a book. To maximise your concentration, break up your time into 15-minute segments, interspersed by five-minute breaks. Knowing that you have a break coming up helps to prevent you from losing interest completely.

Don't be unrealistic
You've spent most of your life at school, and you have a good idea of what you're capable of. If you're an average student, you're unlikely to suddenly jump to the top of the...

So So Scared for nothing

Opinion posted over a year ago
When i was 5 some friends told me that when i am walking and i here someone behind me wearing high-heels, it is the devil that came to take me to hell... Since that day, when i hear someone walking behing me and this tok-tok-tok of the high-heels, i turn around to see who's behind me. Don't laugh, it is serious!!

And last year, it was maybe the last time that i was so so scared with this tiik-tok, and i was really embarassed for this unfortunatelly. It was the day of our field trip and we took a boat to cross the canal of Isthmos (it is in greece) and i was sitting alone in the...