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nandacavalieri said …
aww thank you :) it's actually happening most where I live, but I'm okay and my family and friends too :)
my mom knew a family who died :'( Posted over a year ago
Cladra said …
Posted over a year ago
etie said …
thank youu, Maria. yesyes, do that! :) are you home for christmas or are you spending it in the NY?
hope you're having a magical time wherever you are and hope you're happy. miss you! <3 Posted over a year ago
nandacavalieri said …
Merry Christmas to you too!
and LMAO! Posted over a year ago
mtoll4 said …
LMFAO! Merry Christmas <3 GOD JUL MARIA! :D Posted over a year ago
ktgirl266 gave me props for my polls
hey!! i was wondering if you could join my spot "ktgirl266" you can add anything you want that will make it amazing!!! have fun and i hope you will join, thanks :) fyi LOVE THE ICON :D Posted over a year ago
etie said …
maria! how's the usa doing? :) miss you here♥ Posted over a year ago
AdaLove said …
How have you been hun?♥
I have sometime to see you around =[ Posted over a year ago
FanDlux commented…
Heey, I'm great. Getting used to my new life in New York! over a year ago
AdaLove commented…
New York?For college?:D So nice:* over a year ago
AdaLove commented…
Wish everything goes well for you:) over a year ago
mtoll4 said …
<3 Posted over a year ago
FanDlux commented…
<3 over a year ago
Ms_Montana gave me props for my images
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- Love, Me Posted over a year ago