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YAY I'm glad you liked Black Swan... it was scary at times and had really good effects.

After Nick's episode, it goes Alo, Grace and then everyone (: Hope that helps..

Well I watched the first four episodes of Misfits and I LOVE it!
I'd probably finished it by now but I have soo much crappy homework to do so I haven't gotten around to it.. I guess that's a good thing though so I don't finish it all so quick then wanting to watch Season 3 :P

Aww that sucks, I hope you feel better soon <3 Posted over a year ago
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Thanks for your answer on my question. It helped me make a (somewhat) better story. I think it wont be as lame as it wouldve been without your help. Thanks for the help! :) Posted over a year ago
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:') I'm so happy you spread the Supernatural love too. I suppose after Doctor Who, it's sort of my favourite. :D
D'aww, get well soon! :)
LOL, exams are over now. I did pretty good in all of them, except Religious studies. >.> I got a 72%. Sh.. XD
I can put SPN under a lot of genres. Love, drama, sci-fi, horror- yeah, you get my point. XD The TWILIGHT episode? I hope they diss Twilight, then. :D It would increase my respect for the show. <3
Clowns and china dolls. *Shudders* Posted over a year ago
LoveDraco123 commented…
I don't know when my fear of clowns began. It just did. I just started getting freaked out by them... I've never been a coward. Not even when I was a kid. I sleep in the dark since the beginning, but there are some things that freak me out. Like spirits and demons. D: Possessions scare the SHIT out of me. D: over a year ago
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Hahaha glad to hear it. :-) Posted over a year ago
sevendeadlysins said …
Thanks for the add! Posted over a year ago
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Matt seems like he's just sort of...there. I don't know. I guess it's different now since he apparently knows about vampires. Did you see 2x16?
With Tyler, I feel like driving over to Atlanta, which is only about 3 hours away, getting some sort of sharp object and saying, "Give me Tyler, and nobody gets hurt!"
Unfortunately, I saw the movie of the Shining before I started reading the book. But after watching that, I'm fairly certain that Jack Nicholson is very close to becoming my favorite Posted over a year ago
tellymaster commented… Probably not. I love my favorite actor way too much. Well, you already know about the pigs blood scene in Carrie, but there are other things that should be saved for the book. "Well, I have a bunch of books that need finishing too, but I'm still going to the library." GAH! I know exactly what you mean! I keep looking at my bookshelf and thinking, "I really need to finish those books." Later, I get on the internet, find a book and ask if I can go to a used book store or the library. Have you read the Mortal Instruments? That's what's mainly tempting me at the moment. I saw Harry Potter twice...and twice I cried when Dobby died. :'( over a year ago
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LOL, good to know I'm not the only one who does that. xD Random question before I forget: Do you read PostSecret? Because if you don't, you should. I like it, though it's kind of depressing. =P
Meh. Mattie's alright, but I don't have much reason to like him yet. I'm sure that I'll end up loving him, though, because I have yet to come across a Skins character I didn't love. :) But I miss the old cast, too. Actually, with MTV's Skins, I've been missing the first gen of the UK version A LOT. Posted over a year ago
r-pattz commented…
I hope they all make it into the movie. I mean, a movie without Hannah? She was brilliant, and I'm dying from Cassie deprivation. And how can you not have April in the movie? How can you have any less than ALL? Dang, I'm doubtful it'll be them all, but I want the entire cast from both generations (and maybe the third?) in there. over a year ago
r-pattz commented…
&& Lol, was your ex boyfriend that terrible? xD over a year ago
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Yes, indeed. :D
Lol, he does that? That'll be good! I've only seen a few of his videos, because I'm watching them from the beginning and I just found out about him not too long ago. :)
Oh yes, those are definitely on mine as well. :D Haha, me too, lol!
I like Luna and Neville, they're my favorites, and I really don't like Draco, Snape, and all the bad guys. What about you?
Siriusly is siriusly an amazing word. It's totally awesome. Posted over a year ago
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I think it's better than MTV's Skins, which is very repetitive. But I find Franky very annoying, she doesn't beat Tony and Effy in my opinion. She's like, useless and doesn't bring anything to the series. And that I don't like about the writing of Skins 5, it's that it's going anywhere in the relationships (Mini/Nick/Liv, Liv/Matty/Franky, Nick/Liv/Matty..) BUT I like it though, because it's refreshing. And it's Skins after all, I'll always like it. What do you think about this new generation ? Posted over a year ago
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Thank you :) I like your icon too, it's Glee, right ? over a year ago
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Studying. Is. All. I. Can. Think. About. D: Finals suck. :/ I had two exams on Thursday, two today (on a Saturday, can you imagine) and I have six more to give in the next four days. Ahh! :(
Supernatural is awesome! :D I like watching different TV shows- they keep me interested. One vampire show is enough, one sci-fi show is enough, one teen-drama is enough and one horror is enough. I like the variety. :D I'm on Season 2. I just started it. Stupid clown episode freaked me out. I hate clowns. Posted over a year ago
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MY favourite brother? Ahh, I don't know! I like both of them! Dean is funny and sarcastic and skeptical. He has a charm to him. But Sam is so compassionate and gentle. D: I like both of them. :( I didn't like their dad at first, but then I managed to cry my eyes out when he died. :/ Sanity is overrated. :D over a year ago