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What's your favorite Coldplay song?

79 answers | my answer: It's so hard to choose just one. I guess my top 5 a...

what is ur fav disney character?

48 answers | my answer: Belle!

Who's your favorite character from 'Sleeping Beauty'?

11 answers | my answer: Aurora, she's so cute and kind. But I love Prince ...
The Simpsons

with who was lisa's first kiss?

2 answers | my answer: With Nelson =)

whats ya motto?

79 answers | my answer: Free your mind, fantasize. From yourself, there's n...

Can you guys please tell me some cool Irish bands?

14 answers | my answer: Celtic thunder and The Corrs are my favorite!! =)

Is it possible to work on two or three novels without getting off track?

7 answers | my answer: Yes, totally! I do this all the time! =)

Are you/have you ever been in love with a fictional character?

80 answers | my answer: Of course!! My major love is Mr. DARCY (Pride & Pre...
Pride and Prejudice

who made this spot? Almost all of the people i talk to haven't even heard of pride and prejudice!

2 answers | my answer: I don't no who made this spot but I love Pride and ...

Who is your favorite Futurama character?

13 answers | my answer: My fave character was Bender! It's rocks ha ha. An...