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My wish list

List posted over a year ago
Hello with my B-day coming up in September i want somethings......well i know you guys on the internet cant really get me anything cause you dont know much about me or where i live but i just want to tell you what is on my wish list soooo....

1.smackdown vs raw 2010

2.Azumanga daioh Osaka plushy ^_^

3.Azumanga daioh complete series on DVD


5.Lucky star DVD

6.almost forgot....Azumanga daioh T-shirt :p

My fav. anime

Opinion posted over a year ago
Hello giggles here.My fav. anime are:Azumanga daioh,Clannad,Yumeria,bobobo-bo bo-bobo, And Ufo ultramaiden valkyrie WOOOO :) Azumanga daioh is about High school girls and each day is wacky.Clannad is about Tomoya okazaki a boy who meets a girl called Nagisa & become friends.Yumeria is about Tomo Mikuri & 4 girls who have adventures in their dream world.BOBOBO is about a guy named bobobo-bo bo-bobo his quest is to find & destroy the hair hunt troops leader baldy bald. valkyrie is about a princess who come to earth and befriends a young man and have many adventures