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hi hope we can become good friends! Heres a prop and an add! Posted 4 months ago
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HI sup? Posted 6 months ago
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Hey thanks for the add back^^ You have interesting motto of where it comes from? Posted 6 months ago
GintamaFan23 said about Gintama
The DVD for the Gintama movie 2 is out! won't be long ti'll its subbed so Gintama fans! GET READY! GET PUMPED! Its finally here XD Posted 7 months ago
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EPIC MOVIE!!!! Onizabeth anyone??? XD 6 months ago
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LOL! Onizabeth xD 6 months ago
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You've been gone for so dead??? XD Posted 7 months ago
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herro dere =w= haha how have you been? :) Posted 8 months ago
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☆ Thanks for the add back ^_^
& Nice to meet you ^-^ Posted 10 months ago
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Hey Ian..long time no see...missed u loadz...anyway..if u've got a DA account..plz add me too.. wont be able to come online in fanpop more often..but im always online over at DA...
*love stella* Posted 11 months ago
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Long live ._.
And well my college started :<
So tiring and no fun T-T
Wtb you? Posted 11 months ago
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Thank you so much for the info! X3 The movies sound very interesting. And 3 OVA, thats a lot, im gonna enjoy them alot! When I finish those, gonna read the manga! xD Thanks again for the info, here's a prop and a BIG smiley face! Posted over a year ago