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GoodF3lla said about Scrubs
SCRUBS marathon for me!!!!! such a good show... Posted over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about CSI: Miami
I'm on CSI Miami marathon....and it is awesome!!!!!!!! Hmmm...How come i didn't knew that Kim Delaney and Rory Cochrane were regulars on season one.... Posted over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about WWE
so people what are you thinking on Sheamus being face???? Posted over a year ago
tabithasb13 commented…
I think he's better as a heel. over a year ago
LostPB commented…
I agree he's better as a heel but I guess we'll see how it goes. over a year ago
GoodF3lla commented…
another thing is that sheamus wasn't face before,,,so we don't know how does he look like as face.. over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about Peter Facinelli
in my opinion Peter needs to be on recognizible crime or police procedural show...not show like Nurse Jackie.... Posted over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about Burn Notice
I love Sam quote: You know FBI bunch of bitchy little girls... Posted over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about Southland
i'm in the middle of season 3...this show reminds me of the shield....god damn this show is so good.... Posted over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about Criminal Minds
well i don't want to insult anybody but will you all get over with Hotch and Prentiss romance? Posted over a year ago
r_rosyalin commented…
honestly, after wathing Lauren episode, i prefer to doyle and prentiss romance, i'm so curious when a nice lady loves a bad guy, it can be a bad+beautiful romance too ;) over a year ago
LTboy commented…
Careful, you might get sworn at, attacked and insulted for days on end if you say something bad about this non-existent hotch/prentiss 'romance' over a year ago
LTboy commented…
I could care less who people ship they need to respect those that don't like their ships and not shove it in our face ALL the time. over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about WWE
omg cm punk won and walked out with wwe title...what will happen next i wonder... Posted over a year ago
allen101 commented…
I bet the answer will come tonight on Monday Night Raw. over a year ago
LTboy gave me props for my comments
Thanks for adding me back.
Have a good day! Posted over a year ago
GoodF3lla said about Jimmy Smits
Happy birthday Jimmy Smits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good one!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago