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Gymnast4CHRIST said about Fanpop
So, how do you make your own clubs? Posted over a year ago
Gymnast4CHRIST said about Hugo (movie)
I love this movie! The book was the best book i've ever read, and the movie mirrored it perfectly! I want Chole Moretz hair! Posted over a year ago
Gymnast4CHRIST said about Derek Hough
I love Derek, and is so happy to hear he will be on this season! Posted over a year ago
I am sooo happy that Donald Driver is on this season!!! I love him! It's too bad that he didn't get paired with a seasoned partner... Posted over a year ago
Gymnast4CHRIST said about Orlando Bloom
WHy is this man not on the cover of People's Sexiest Man Alive issue EVERY YEAR??!! Posted over a year ago
jacksparrow4eva commented…
i soo agree with you! over a year ago
jabbster commented…
me 2 over a year ago
Hermione97 commented…
Dang that boy is cute! over a year ago
Gymnast4CHRIST said about Survivor
I miss Cockron!!!(sorry that's not how you spell it!) Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 commented…
Cochran* :\ Are you being sarcastic? Cause I honestly miss him lol over a year ago
SimpsonsLuver37 commented…
i love him hes so funny!!!! over a year ago
Why are people obsessed about Harry Potter? Narnia is 10x better!!! Posted over a year ago
NascarGirl21 commented…
I'll agree with you there. Never read Harry Potter never will. Love Narnia!!! over a year ago
GoTeamSkipper commented…
So agree XD over a year ago
Ajaxranstone commented…
Nascargirl21, while I may agree with this, thats the narrowminded hinking that gives REAL christians a bad name. Read the Harry potter books then compare. "What stands strong, has not to fear the siege, and a questioning is no more then a chance to prove superiority." over a year ago
Never be embarrassed of your faith! A man hung on the cross because he loved YOU so much. Why be ashamed? Posted over a year ago
Gymnast4CHRIST said about Dr. Seuss
"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep at life because real life is finally better than your dreams." My FAVE Dr.Seuss quote EVA! Posted over a year ago
Gymnast4CHRIST commented…
Oops, so sorry i meant you can't fall asleep at NIGHT!!! SORRY! over a year ago
Gymnast4CHRIST said about Johnny Depp
I love Johnny Depp! Best actor ever! I even got to see him shooting Public Enimies! I also heard he may be playing Dr.Seuss in a new movie produced by Johnny himself. Has anyone else heard of this? Posted over a year ago
Lara1995 commented…
Yes,I have heard about it and I'll looking forward to this film. over a year ago