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Death IS Just The Beginning

Article posted over a year ago
Sometimes a story will start with once upon a time, in 1927, in a place far, far away. But what do you say when you’ve lived the story? How do you start when you’ve experienced it? What happens if, in your story, you die at the very start of it? It’s only just the beginning. Well...That’s my story. My story may be sad to some people, scary or funny to others. But to me, it was the way I found my soul mates, and my life’s calling. My name is Raven, and this is my story.

“We’ll be back, we’ll only be there for a minute or two.” mum said. She and my dad were just...

Funny Twilight Saga

Review posted over a year ago
Okay, so i found some of these online and I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE! These are some funny twilight quotes or ways to look at Twilight from a different angle.

-(About Edward) He moves quickly, he doesn't kill, he sparkles; face it. Edward sin't a vampire: he's a fairy!

-Jacob or Edward? Man, Bella's stupid! How could she pick Edward?

- Edward watches Bella sleep. It's not nice or protective! it's stalking! That's right! Edward Cullen is a stalker!

In A Trance

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I see you in the dark as you come to me at night. You watch me with adoring eyes, afraid that I might flight.

As I look upon your face, the glow from your eyes.
I know that I'm in a place that no one else would ever find.

And as you kneel down to me, I feel safe and sound and calm.
But If I only knew your name?
It wouldn't matter if my body was found.

The fact that you even ackologe my presence, leaves me stuned.
And as you touch me on the face, I feel your hands run down.