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The Time of Our Lives (goodbye, Delena)

Article posted 1 month ago
Damon & Elena Tell me this isn’t happening
That I didn’t waste my time on this
Crying every other night
When we went uphill and then straight down
Tell me this is all in my head
That when I wake up the dice hasn’t been rolled yet
Should’ve known from the start
That you’d end up breaking my heart

[b]And you said
Baby, we’ve got forever
Till the end we’ll stay together
Now I’m falling to pieces ‘cause I can’t bear this hurt

Foster Careless chapter 20 Down (3/10)

Fan fiction posted 1 month ago
Debra Parker A year and a half later…
Deb was staring at the white envelope that had just been delivered. It was sent by the Academy for Young Adults.
“Aren’t you going to open it?” Susan asked, curiously.
Deb turned the envelope round and round in her hands. “What if it says I’m not smart enough?” she panicked. “I totally screwed up with math. And geography was a joke. Sure, history went pretty well, but then again, I pretty much lived in a library for some time”
Susan jerked the envelope out of Deb’s hands, before the latter could babble even more. She...

Foster Careless chapter 20 Down (2/10)

Fan fiction posted 1 month ago
Debra Parker Four months later…
“Hey, how’s it going?” Susan snuck up behind Deb, who was deeply concentrated on her study material. Deb startled, and let out a long breath.
“Don’t do that” she reproached her friend breathlessly. “I’m a jumpy person”
“I saw the guy in the suit leave” Susan shrugged apologetically. “He’s an examiner, right?” Deb nodded, and when she didn’t elaborate, Susan continued: “Well, how did it go?”
Deb pretended to read, but then a little smile appeared on her face. “He said I did really well for someone who never...

Foster Careless chapter 20 Down (1/10) (flashback chapter)

Fan fiction posted 2 months ago
Debra Parker Down by Five For Fighting

“I called the academy for young adults and I explained your case” Annabel said, as she put a stack of study books on the table. “They understand your position, although they were a little skeptical. They didn’t really understand why a murder convict would need a high school degree”
Deb picked up the book that was on top of the stack. “Did you have to buy these?” she asked, feeling like she took advantage of her sister. “They look expensive”

Foster Careless chapter 19 Someone to Save You (10/10)

Fan fiction posted 2 months ago
Debra Parker Max frowned. If she didn’t know better, she would’ve sworn Mike’s eyes were shining. “I’m sorry you had to hear this”, she said carefully.
“Yeah” Mike said. “Thank you. I’ll take care of it. I’ll see you tomorrow”
“Really? I thought I was fired” Max muttered surprised.
“Just don’t pull out your gun” Mike warned her. “Unless it is to protect her, of course” He thought about that for a second, and added: “Don’t tell her I said that. I don’t think she would appreciate it”