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Ouran High School Host Club and special A similarities

Review posted over a year ago
1) Both of them have 7 main characters
Special A:
(1)Kei Takishima
(2)Hikari Hanazono
(3)Jun Yamamoto
(4)Megumi Yamamoto
(5)Tadashi Karino
(6)Akira Toudou
(7)Ryuu Tsuji

Ouran High School Host Club:
(1)Tamaki Suoh
(2)Kyouya Otori
(3)Haruhi Fujioka
(4)Hikaru Hitachiin
(5)Kaoru Hitachiin
(6)Mitsukuni Haninozuka
(7)Takashi Morinozuka

2) The main setting (the school) is for the elite or the rich

Hibike! High Touch

Article posted over a year ago
Hitori ja deki nai koto demo

Futari nara kitto dekiru darou

Sonna kanashii Kao wo shite inai de

Kocchi e oide Soto ni dete arukou

Hi no mabushisa wo abita nara

Mi mo kokoro mo Minagiru PAWAA

Genki detara tsugi wa kakekko shiyou

“Katsuzo” “Makenai” Iiya na koto wo futtobasu

Waku waku waku Shite kuru darou

Uzu uzu uzu Shite ki chau nda

Doko made mo tooku Ame ni mo makezu Minna de hashirou

Ashita he (for tomorrow) translation

Article posted over a year ago
Out of the house,you`ll be waiting for a new day it also failed yesterday to bid farewell.Blue sky and fluffy clouds gathered to ride aboard on this journey.You would like to see the free wind slow down,you are looking at a walk and his heart aching

The wind carries the scent of colourful season,always honest to step on the feet it can.You look at the sky with glittering feeling.Why be happy about them at dusk and sunrise.

Look mean-spirited kind words and this gap.i realized that the lid to spill on the left cheek and pinch.Back to the battle of words are you...

More stuff about Kei Takishima

Guide posted over a year ago
Kei Takishima
November 22
Blood Type:A
Height:175 cm
Family Composition: Father, Mother, Younger Brother

Food:Anything hikari makes no matter how disgusting it is
Favorite thing to do:Read.beating Hikari
Best friends:Hikari,Yahiro?
Girlfriend:Hikari hanazono
Main personalities:Smart,cold,can do almost everything

Ranked first in school, Kei is the son of the CEO of Takishima Corporation. As Hikari's undefeated rival, he likes to refer to her as "Number Two", which...

Special A characters

Guide posted over a year ago
Hikari Hanazono

Voiced by: Yuko Goto
Nicknames: Number 2,stupid girl
Food: Rice balls
Blood Type: O
Height: 155 cm
Colour: Blue
Symbol: Flower
B-Day: March 20
Best friends: All of S.A.
Main Personalities: Spunky, positive, REALLY dense

Hikari is the protagonist of the story and is ranked 2nd in the school. She is energetic and kindhearted, but rather dense when it comes to love, some times she seems very stubbed and thickheaded . She is the daughter of a carpenter. When she was...