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Happyflames said …
Hey ya'll! Posted over a year ago
PoemGirl said …
R.I.P Jamey...<3 Jamey took his own life on Saturday, he was being bullied for being Gay for years. Jamey was found dead outside his home Sunday morning, but Amherst police would not release any details on how he killed himself. Students had been posting hate comments with gay references on his Formspring account, “JAMIE IS STUPID, GAY, FAT ANND UGLY. HE MUST DIE!” one post said. Another read, Posted over a year ago
PoemGirl commented…
“I wouldn’t care if you died. No one would. So just do it :) It would make everyone WAY more happier!” Now that Jamey’s gone, no one’s happier. May you rest in Paradise, Jamey. You deserve it. You’re definitely missed, by plenty. By strangers, by family, by relatives, by friends, by people you may have never known. Paws Up Forever. over a year ago
anniewannie said …
Props for a special person like you Trina :D I hope you're well :)). How are you?? I hope everything's okay Posted over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
Im fine I hope every things going good with u 2! ;) over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Yep, it is! Gonna start high school this year but I'm very nervous coz I don't know if I'll see any of my old friends.. oh yeah, I wanted to ask you - did you want me to make a spot for you? Or Maria? over a year ago
Happyflames said about HP
Evryone hates me. Posted over a year ago
SongGirl50701 commented…
no they don't. over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
U said Happyflames/ i asked without the / mark right? get it? over a year ago
SongGirl50701 commented…
oh, sry! you at your place or Livi's? over a year ago
Is this game still going? Can i play? Is their a game already in play? Posted over a year ago
SongGirl50701 commented…
the gamez are on hold, i think? over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
ok.... i hope it starts up soon. over a year ago
big smile
#4: Mallory
#5: Anime_Chick
7 more players!!!!! 5 judges!!!!!! Spread the word to other fans!!!! Posted over a year ago
SongGirl50701 commented…
Me spread the word! :) I'll do my best. over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
yah! thnx u!!! over a year ago
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anniewannie said …
Hey Katrina!:DD
O.M.G!!! Such a loooong time since I've heard from you girl!!:D How are you?? Hope everything's going well where you are! :)) Things are great with me if you're wondering- school's going to finish for me next month!! (but of course every school finishes in December right? :D)
Talk to me soon aye Kat? (whenever you're free is fine by me :)).)

Peace & Love,
S.C (it stands for Silent Child) Posted over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
Hey Im on now but I guess ur not so yeah Im just being my depressed little self over here. having friend isues. yeah, we get out wednsday.! Christmas almost here!!!! Tomarro we get to go to the movies!!! over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
oops I spelled tomarrow wrong. over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
linkthere u go! :) over a year ago
anniewannie gave me props for my polls
Friendship is like a gold : it's precious
Friendship is like a light : you can turn it on
Friendship is like a gift : it gives pleasure
Friendship is like a scent : you smell it
Friendship is like music : you listen to it
Friendship is like food : you must not waste it
Friendship is like home : it helps to live
Friendship is like a person : it's priceless
Friendship is like you and me : Hand in hand.. Posted over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
Thnx :) over a year ago
Anime_Chick gave me props for my comments
I'm sad.... :(

I hate being a blonde. No wonder why I'm dumb. Posted over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
:( STOP NOW!!!!! over a year ago
malmcd said …
ƒriεndshiρ . . . ☆ミ
. . . is lovε.
. . . is υndεrsταnding.
. . . is αn εαr τo whinε τo.
. . . is morε ρrεсioυs τhαn silvεr or gold
. . . is α shoυldεr τo lεαn on.
. . . is shαrεd јoy.
. . . is lovε.
. . . is yoυ. ♥
sεnd τhis τo αll τhε ƒriεnds yoυ сαrε ƒor! Posted over a year ago
malmcd commented…
I'm not mad at you I never was and never will be Annie we all have are moments remember you me and Alli and Maria are all four peas in one big pod going out against the world..nothing has changed, over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
Uh, ok you four can be in one big pod and I'll just sit over here crying fo nuttin! Your group~ Annie, you, Alli, and Maria. Mine~ My heart, soul, sweat, and tears. over a year ago
Happyflames commented…
no, i don't wanna interupt anything and make it bad. over a year ago