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dynamite1300 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Hay!!!! I've missed you too!
Yup, I came back, but I haven't been on fanpop for a while.. I've been to Peroj (near Pula), and I had an amazing time :)
So how have you been? It's been so long!! Posted 6 hours ago
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Hahah :D Aja, potem pa res ne bi razumela :P
Lol agreed Posted 6 hours ago
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Yeah. I had friends there were some bitches but i was trying to have fun and live my life as i could!
Oh. Honey you will know friends and have such a good time just try to be careful from bad people you really don't want to gain enemies!! : (
I think that my high school was boring really. I was not doing anything funny in my life : (
Well. I hope so coz if my collage years were bad i might kill myself one day and rest my tired soul from this missy shit life : (
Posted 2 days ago
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Oh. thanks i love him so much and he does really god job<33 2 days ago
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Hi. ♥My Love♥
Yeah. I hate them when they tell me that i can't be different i am who i am
Oh. Honey god with you it seems that you had really tough time.
The same here honey i feel like everyone hates me and everyone in the whole fucking world is against me : (
Oh. Please don't be. I am here for you ♥ Honey ♥ You can come to me if you need anything & help
I will pray for you my sweetheart i swear. I hope that you and i ave some peace on this fucking land
Posted 2 days ago
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Fanpopping, thinking or sleeping though thinking mostly :) so how many rooms do you have in your house? (only bedrooms) this is a random questions...i can't think of anything else <3xD Posted 3 days ago
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Really, That' really bad but i can't be someone else like my family tells me : (
The same here .... I feel shy around people and i can't speak when i sit down with people : (
Damn, I am who should be praying for you honey coz High school is nothing but a problem .... God with you honey<33
Oh, Thanks for your advices my sweetheart ... I always feel that i am a good person with you : )
So, When will your school start ?!
Have a nice time before hell starts^^ Posted 3 days ago
Shorouk4ever gave me props for my videos
My Sweet Princess Harley<33
Oh, Damn I Really Wanna Watch The Series So Much Season Four^.^
Yeah, Sadness Without A Reason Is The Worst Pain Honey : (
I Think So Honey .... I Am Good Now I Guess!!
Well, I am About To Go To Collage But I Am Not Happy With That Coz I Am Not A Sociable Girl : (
And I Don't Know How To Mix With Other People : ( Pray For Me Girl
How Are You My Queen !?
Posted 3 days ago
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Thanks for the add back <333

Would you like to join my club? Posted 4 days ago
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Yes, it can be ....what do you do in your alone time? Posted 4 days ago
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Just a bit of Furniture shifting in the lounge and my room ^^ <3 Posted 4 days ago