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Hermione7 said about Biggerstaff Family
I will be on in regular occasions..what happened to Fanpop? Posted over a year ago
VampiresRevenge commented…
It died. over a year ago
Hermione7 said about Biggerstaff Family
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
PotterForever commented…
hey! :P over a year ago
Hermione7 said about Biggerstaff Family
You know what I hate? How everyone started this stupid Team Peeta Team Gale thing. The should not make the next best book to Harry Potter be some teeny bopper love triangle. Posted over a year ago
Lunalovely commented…
That's the media for ya over a year ago
zanesaaomgfan commented…
Hunger Games wasn't that great. It's next to this Children's book about a vampire family I read.. over a year ago
simpleplan commented…
Nothing can bet HP its to amazeing to be toped :P over a year ago
xDark_Angelx commented…
I don't give a crud about the Hunger Games love triangle thingie either (I am Team Gale, though-Liam Hemsworth is hot!). I do love the books, but not as much as Harry Potter. over a year ago
digifreak11 said …
Thanks for the invite. Posted over a year ago
Hermione7 said about Biggerstaff Family
I miss the day when people actually came on here Posted over a year ago
kris10853 commented…
Sorry to disappoint you. over a year ago
Hermione7 said about Biggerstaff Family
Fill me in. Posted over a year ago
Fenrir commented…
Well, a lot of nothing has happened in the past few months...I think this is about the time when someone comes in and complains about how things were better back in the day. over a year ago
kris10853 commented…
Who wants to place bets on who it will be?...haha I think I know already. over a year ago
alexthedog commented…
*takes offense* over a year ago
big smile
Hermione7 said about Finnick Odair
God Il ove this guy Posted over a year ago
Hermione7 said about Hairspray
I lovd this movie its so fun! Posted over a year ago
CLA0010 said …
hey wat u doing?:) Posted over a year ago
elitekiller123 said …
I see that you like hairy potter I like the new one Posted over a year ago