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Heyyyy101 said about The Hunger Games
So, Am I the only one who screamed "What the Hell?" at the TV when Twilight won best movie award? Posted over a year ago
wishey commented…
No. I did!!! Twilight was a terrible movie!!! The hunger games should've won!!! over a year ago
flabaloobalah commented…
meredog commented…
who didnt over a year ago
Heyyyy101 said about The Hunger Games
How could Twilight win over The Hunger Games in Best Movie Award?! Posted over a year ago
Ares2002 commented…
I know right!so frrustrating over a year ago
AmandaBelle2011 commented…
I found Hunger Games to be way more exciting than Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn was so boring and had little to none action in it what so ever. I find this ridiculous. over a year ago
bananaman132434 commented…
me to over a year ago
LaiaMaria said …
Don't know, either. Sorry haha!!! :) Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria said …
Mines are Katniss, Rue, Peeta, Finnick, Johanna, Haymitch, Gale...I think I like many of the characters a lot haha!! But Finnick is my absolutely fave!!!
For me the finale was just great! It was kind of different. Some of my friends say that they didn't like the third book because it was hard and dramtic and that it hadn't a happy ending...but you know we have a lot of happy ending stories, it's time for smth different :) Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria said …
Sorryyy!!! I just didn't know!! You always talked with "I" and "me" and that doesn't give this type of information haha
And you name "Heyyyy101" isn't that girly hahaha :)
Well I'm glad that you're a girl, then it's easier to talk to you....
Good, wwe have smth in common: The Hunger Games. Tell me eho are your faves or what you thought about the Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria said …
Heey umm little baby haha!! You must be a really nice/cute girl. Or are you a boy? I stiill don't know that! I'm a girl as you may have already thought.

Sooo what are you fan of? I'm fan of Gossip Girl, The hunger games, Pretty little Liars,One direction, Demi Lovato,Lost,Harry Potter,Taylor Swift...blah blah blah :$ Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria said …
Heey! What? Why are you younger? Are you soo more inteligent that you passed 2 classes?! Wow.
Yeah I'm 15 haha I actually didn't want to say it because you know I don't usually say my age on such's dangerous! :)
You know what? My school is supposed to be one of the most complicated and strict schools of Bcn! And the worse asian schools are probably as good as mine.....Poor thing!!! Hahaha everything in Asia must be reallyyy hard! xx Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria commented…
But the good thing is that you're smarter ;D over a year ago
MusicSwag gave me props for my images
Peeta rawwks Posted over a year ago
MusicSwag said …
im Filipino, too
..and i love peeta Posted over a year ago
LaiaMaria said …
So you're asian? Oh haha it's cool! I never met an asian before you're the first. I'm european, spanish to be exact. 2n year highschool means that you're 14 right? Well, I'm 15!
Your exams must be alot more complicated than mines because I once saw a doku about asians all work all the day and all night or smth.
I have school from 8:50 till 17:30 mondays,tuesdays,thursdays and fridays. Wednesdays from 8:50 till 13:40. And you??
Believe me, my life isn't cool at all haha :) Posted over a year ago