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Chains of Affection epilogue: Night of Falling Hearts

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
The end has arrived...
With the fate of our heroes unknown, all that can be done is to wait...and pray.

Thanks to anyone who has read this! This goes out to everyone of you. But a special mention goes to the very first fan of the series: DestinyGirl!

The Realm of Darkness: A badly wounded Xehanort limped through the Darkness. He had barely escaped from the three warriors. But it wasn't a defeat, because Xehanort never lost. He simply retreated to plot another day. "Those three are tough," he panted. "My plans are going to need some readjusting."

Chains of Affection Finale: Mastering Eternity.

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
DestinyGirl The countdown to destruction has begun. Will Jason conquer the final foe?

A/N: This is the second to last chapter. The reason I say this is the Finale is because this is the last chapter to take place in Castle Oblivion. Enjoy, Serenna!

First floor: The entirety of the Organzation realized they had been duped. Again. When Sora first came bursting through the doors of the Castle, Zexion cast an emergency Illusion spell on the entire floor. Sora and his friends looked around briefly, then dashed down into the first basement floor. The Schemer let down the...

Chains of Affection, 1st basement floor: Castle Oblivion. Empty, empty, so empty.

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
DestinyGirl Xemnas stands alone at the summit of power. Jason has to defeat the most powerful Nobody alive—while at the same time dealing with the insanity Fate has dumped on him.

Author's Note: What follows may be the longest and most epic chapter I have ever written. You have been warned.

First floor: James, Nicole, and Eileen gaped at the latest development in the life of their young son/brother. Vexen scribbled in a small notebook. "The human seems to be attracting chaos into his life like metal fillings to a magnet," he noted. "I don't know why this is, but I...

Chains of Affection, 2nd basement floor: Twilight Town. Chains of Affection.

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
DestinyGirl Jason has traveled back in time, to a time before Larxene. But not all is at it seems…will he pierce the mystery before him?

Second basement exit hall: "Ow…" Itzal woke to an aching head. He had not seen Xion's betrayal coming, and now had a nasty welt on his head, as well as being bound up in chains in an unknown room. Standing off in the distance was Roxas, who turned around upon hearing the boy awaken. "I don't know who you are," he stated bluntly, "And I don't want to know." Itzal studied the golden-blond's face briefly. "Whatever you're doing obviously seems important,"...

Chains of Affection, 3rd basement floor: Beast's Castle. Surpass and transcend.

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
DestinyGirl Axel killed Jason for a few seconds…and now Jason has to face Nobodies even tougher.

Somewhere in space: "Estimated time of arrival to Castle Oblivion: 6 hours." Sora groaned. His childlike impatience wouldn't allow for a six hour wait time! The Organization could take over the worlds in six hours! "Calm down, Sora." Kairi soothed, placing a hand on Sora's shoulder. In the cockpit of the Gummi-ship, Sora was seated in the captain's seat. Kairi and Riku were seated in chairs on his left and right sides, respectively. Riku snorted derisively. "You have to stop babying him,...