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she is the hottest woman in the world ♥ Posted over a year ago
CZGIronMan commented…
Agree over a year ago
Honesty-Forever said about Glee
i need that Brittana kiss , NOW ! Posted over a year ago
ForsakenMoon19 commented…
^You do realize that you're not on good terms with the glee spot right? over a year ago
fetchgirl2366 commented…
Once again, ironic. I still agree, though...:/ over a year ago
iamfeeby1234 commented…
@JimyManceLuvr, its so nice how you want to make peace on this spot though :) but @Honesty-Forever, i'm not a fan of you, if you called my buddy that. over a year ago
Honesty-Forever said about Glee
i didn't liked I KISSED A GIRL , i hated the way they ignored Britt and make it a FINN-EPISODE , I'M SO PISSED !!!
Santana was coming out and Britt is her girlfriend not finn ... Posted over a year ago
ForsakenMoon19 commented…
Excuse me but where the hell do you get off dissing Finn? Fine, you didn't like the episode but know this Cory Monteith is a lead actor Heather Morris isn't so therefore she won't be treated as such. P.S your Finn hatred won't be tolerated so I suggest you be more careful not to piss people off with ignorant messages like this. over a year ago
zikkifan4ever commented…
I personally like the Finn-episodes(: over a year ago
Edwardism9 commented…
Whoa people on here need to relax. I don't know what this person did in the past, but right now, they're just giving they're opinion on that episode. And NOTHING BAD was said about Finn. But I guess it's okay to insult a real person like Heather Morris? Oooh I get it, you're only allowed an opinion if it's to praise Finn, right? over a year ago
Honesty-Forever said about House M.D.
HOUSE + REMY ♥ Posted over a year ago
br00tal_bananna commented…
+ ME! :D over a year ago
Viole commented…
yeahhhhhhhh!! over a year ago
Honesty-Forever said about Thouse
THE BEST COUPLE EVER ...!!!! Posted over a year ago
greghouseismine commented…
yeah! over a year ago
Honesty-Forever said about Thouse
here !! Posted over a year ago
greghouseismine commented…
Yay!!!!!!!! over a year ago