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shaneoohmac13 gave me props for my images
hey there just sayin hi, an stay cool ok eh! Posted over a year ago
Invader-Zak said …
Hello! :3 Posted over a year ago
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─── ӇƛƤƤƳ ӇƛԼԼƠƜЄЄƝ Posted over a year ago
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No Problem (: There isnt anything to feel insecure about (: Your beautiful (: <3 Hope to talk to you soon, & im thinking about going to college for Hazel <<3 cause Chris is doing everything he was 3 fucking jobs & I have none :3 & he wants me to go so I think I am (: Posted over a year ago
jadebigfan gave me props for my images
Omg finally you put a picture up of yourself :D you are so beautiful :) i would be happy if my baby ended up looking like you :) lol thats wierd D: haha bye talk to you later love you :) <3 Posted over a year ago
InvaderRaven commented…
I almost teared from you complimenting me and you being happy if your baby looks like me :') Made me so happy. I'm really insecure, but those words from you boosted up my self-confidence :D Thank you so so much! I love you too though ^_^ over a year ago
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Thanks for adding me back :) Posted over a year ago
jadebigfan said …
When are you gonna be on here ? text me or something ? <3 :) Posted over a year ago
InvaderRaven commented…
Sorry D: over a year ago
jadebigfan commented…
i miss you over a year ago
jadebigfan commented…
need a friend right now over a year ago
vanessa100 said …
I miss you too 💔 .
long time no talk , how have you been c: ?
hope you're doing well , I barely get on this wackass site anymore . Too many fake ass profiles up on this bitch . d;
write back , yes ? ;*
take care cutiee . ^.^ Posted over a year ago
jadebigfan said …
We'll it's been 2 months without Chris I broke up with him cuz he was getting to close to Allie and I don't have time for that but we are still friends and we are fine with that I guess . He is old though . It's summer for me hazel birthday is June 8 . Hopefully you do text me it is the same number . Hazel has said her first words and she is walking so that's good I love her talk to you soon keep messaging me love you bye Posted over a year ago
jadebigfan said …
Hey it's ok text me whenever you can . Chris is still talking to Allie and I
Perfectly fine with it they're friends. Hazel is fine she is almost 2 . Chris just had a birthday he's 20 <3 but he doesn't look like it I'll post a pic of hazel soon. I was having a second baby but it wasn't chris's then I had a miscarriage . But thanks for your concern it means
Alot thanks I love you bye :) <3 Posted over a year ago
Chris_Gomez commented…
Hey this is to jade and you don't be mad forgive me ? over a year ago