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Humans VS. Aliens, enough said....

Review posted over a year ago
Got questions 'bout this show?
Like, "Is it worth watching?"
"How is it any good?"
"OKay, let me put it this way. Do you like TV shows to be about drama, destruction, Aliens, and survival?"
"Then this is the show for you"

Want a quick summary?
Ok: (all info is from Wiki. Thxs Wiki!)
Falling Skies tells the story of the aftermath of an alien invasion. It follows a group of survivors who must band together in order to fight back against the invading aliens. The group, known as the 2nd Mass (for "Massachusetts"), is led...


Review posted over a year ago
Well it happened, Fox has let go another great show.
As of May 10, 2011, Fox announced they have canceled: Lie To Me, Human Target, and The Chicago Code.

In season one, LTM had 11.06 million views.
Then lost some in season two, dropping to 7.39 million views.
Sadly, it dropped some more for season three.
Falling down to only 5.84 views, there was no hope for LTM.
Still, every fan is devastated. And already people are hopping some other broadcasting television show will buy LTM.

Just one kiss

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
So first off I didn't start watching NCIS: LA until like Deeks came in. At first I was a huge Kensi/Callen fan. But over the year, or months, I've learned to love Kensi/Deeks. So I then after watching last episode, where Deeks gets shot, I came up with a follow up story, that I hope you all enjoy!

Just One Kiss:

A few days after Deeks had been shot, he was released, and later at that night was sitting at home, when he heard a knock on the door.
Deeks opened the door, and finds Kensi with a smile on her face.


Review posted over a year ago
I am loving Lie To Me even more!
This is a show you got to watch! ( TELL UR FRIENDS)
In the season finale (season 3) " Killers App " You see not even more growing between Cal and Gillian, but what most fans say,
"Best episode ever!" " FOX we need more!"
"When does season 4 start?!"
I'm demanding more as well. And as Lie To Me grows stronger and stronger, hitting more than 7 million views, fans are also demanding the writers to show more of what's between Cal and Gillian.

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Article posted over a year ago
The observers:
These strange bald men do exactly what their name says.
They observe. For one thing you find out that Walter is going to die. Weather or not that WILL happen is still unknown.
But in some episodes you find out that Peter is going to have to leave Walter, and they put that to the test to see if walter would be ready or not. Turns out he will be. But fans hope this will NEVER happen. We do not know which universe the observers are from, but we know they are not human.