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My Goodbye to Sinna

Opinion posted over a year ago
Part of the reason I never really came back here for a long time was because of a lot of the issues here on Fanpop... I felt that I needed a break from it all.

I'm not really sure what had happened here but I thought Sinna would be here and I would be able to tell her all of the things that has happened to me over the year I was gone. I feel regretful that I could not do that.

Sinna and Cruz I'm sorry I wasn't there for you in your darkest times here on Fanpop. You guys were my closest friends here.... I wished there was something more I could do.

Kyuhyun's letter to Hangeng

Article posted over a year ago
I don't own this all rights go to the source:

my only one Chinese Hankyung hyung…

Hankyung hyung, this is your GameKyu, your DraKyu, your KyuMong, and your 小13 (Little 13) and recently adding two more nicks, so now you can also call me as SlideKyu or DanceKyu.How are you hyung? Do you eat well? You seem much thinner now compare to the last time I saw you. Obviously you had been with us for more than 5...

Stuff on Zhou Mi

Guide posted over a year ago
1. He was born on the 19th of April 1986. His Korean name is Jumyeok (주멱). (When you pronounce it, it kind of sounds like the Polish word for 'Potato' LOL)

2. His Chinese Zodiac is the tiger. I think his astrology sign is Aries but he could be just under Taurus.. Not too sure on that one, but it's definitely one of the two :)

3. He has a weird ass obsession for Mario (so I have found in many of his posing photos lol)

4. He and Henry are the only un-official members of Super Junior. He is only part of the sub group Super Junior M.

Sophie is...

Opinion posted over a year ago
Kind - Her kindness and her warmth draws people in along with her positive attitude about things. She has a certain way of making people feel good about themselves.

Sweet and loving - I think these words describe her very well; she doesn't have a trace of malice within herself whatsoever. Her trademark heart emotocon at the end of every post always make me smile whenever I see her spam my wall lol ^^ She is very affectionate to all of her friends on here <3

Links to learn Korean with K Pop

Opinion posted over a year ago
Here is some videos I posted in this club where you can learn certain phrases from K Pop songs and use them in real life situations! Check it!!! (make sure you get a pen and paper too ^^) If you can subscribe to the person who makes these on Youtube~~~