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Anyone know of any SPECIAL quests where you have to have precise requirements, by the way I already know of the 'Whispering Door' and that one with Sam Guivenne. Just wanting to up the experience... gets kind of dull wondering, "Oh, I wonder if I should turn around and hit the bandit coming up behind me right... now" Posted over a year ago
Tamar20 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Props for your quizzes in The Dishonored club. Posted over a year ago
Jenta11 said about Dishonored
His mask is definitely the last thing he wants his enemies to see, it's pretty much like "Look into my eyes!" and the guard's pretty much "Um... you're weaing a..." then... he's dead.

PS: Killing Lord Regent, see the surprise on that fools face! COMEDY GOLD! Posted over a year ago
Jenta11 said about Sly Cooper
I wonder how many people have puirchased the trilogy on PS3 just for Band of Thieves like me, my friend and I believe it is the far best although we have completed the others 100% and even eBay never offered an Australian Console version on PS2, but come on, if you don't like them all, you're nuts! Posted over a year ago
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Jenta11 said about Batman Arkham City
The best part of this game is by far the new digitally re-created characters as well as the thrilling, action packed, mystery filled storyline with a hundred side quests such as 'Enigma Conundrum' and even the 'AR Bat-Training' although I've recently been enjoying the DLC's of Robin and Nightwing, I must say their fighting styles are quite agile and unique, I'm also sure heaps of others agree with me. Not to mention I'd be happy to reccommend this game to any PS3, PC or XBOX owners. Posted over a year ago
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OMG Everybody, I've figured out a really great way to level up mage destruction skills at the beginning of the game, now some may know that at the start Ralof and Hadvar aren't able to die, well, equip flames and keep burning them and doing this for a while may be boring but it helps, trust me, I left the beginning at like level 7! Posted over a year ago
Jenta11 commented…
Also, I mean to burn them when you're in the dark caves area, specifically just before the boulder breaks the route out, if you stand at just the right spot, they'll stand there and take it. =] over a year ago
This movie was by far one of the best, although with the whole wisdom comes with age, doesn't necasserily appy to HIM. enjoyed this movie HEAPS and I swear to god that Patch dude in the wheelchair was Tim McInnery from the old Blackadder, I swear to cheese sandwiches it was Him! Posted over a year ago
Jenta11 said about Kingdom Hearts 2
Well look, considering I complete a game in easy mode first, the most annoying boss in the game I found was Xaldin, just because he has 8 spears DOESN'T MEAN HE HAS TO USE THEM! I mean seriously, what's wrong with one of them? Strangely enough though the easiest boss was Xemnas battle part 1, how does THAT work? Posted over a year ago
soraroxasfan13 commented…
lol my sister had the hardest time with xaldin and xigbar it literly took her months to beat them they made her so angry it was hilarious over a year ago
pinky46 commented…
i fucking hate xaldin >:( over a year ago
Sora_Nomaru commented…
i used to hate demyx's time gauge -_- over a year ago
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Jenta11 said about Mr. Bean
Just a hint also for fans of Mr. Bean or mainly the actor Rowan Atkinson himself go on youtube and search "Rowan Atkinson: "School Teacher" "Elementary Dating" or "In Hell" Posted over a year ago
Jenta11 said about Habbo Hotel
I honestly think one of the best possible ideas for habbo would be maybe more pixel furni and possibly using credits and pixels to by clothes! I mean, they could also just make what you get for credits a really high amount of pixels? Posted over a year ago