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Jessica4695 said about Leyton Family<3
I just watched 'the fault in our stars' .. I'm crying. Posted 2 days ago
XNaley_JamesX said …
You're not bothering me at all, I'm just world's worst wallpost replier ever!

I've never left this place ;D I may not always reply to people, but I do check this place at least once a day :) Yeah, there's sometimes something about me on fb, but not often. I'm not a huge fan of fb to be honest, so I rather avoid it. Instagram, I like :)) I also really love your pictures hon! I should like/comment on them more :) Posted 1 month ago
XNaley_JamesX commented…
You're living with your boyfriend now? That's so cool! How long have you guys been together? He seems like a really great guy :D So you just started your first year of college now? What are you studying? (I don't know anything about the German educational system ;P) I just started my third year in college :D 1 month ago
XNaley_JamesX commented…
Well, a little bit of everything. Mostly me having troubles with myself which conflicts in other areas. :s 1 month ago
XNaley_JamesX commented…
Aww, thank you so much! :)) I really wish I could help you hon, but I'm a big zero when it comes to downloading programs. I either don't find it or I manage to get a virus from somewhere. And here in Belgium, they're kinda severe on that stuff. When you go on the here (where most people download their stuff), you get like a warning from the government :s Luckily I have a cousin who's specialized in computer sciences, and I get my photoshop & everything from him. Sorry that I can't help you. :/ I really look forward to seeing some new stuff of you though because I've always loved your work! :) 1 month ago
marakii said …
from these i only watch oth & tvd and i do watch modern family but in my country's version which is pretty cool so i was actually thinking to start watching the original one but not right now 'cause i won't have much time xP. who are your favorites from oth/tvd?
i love many shows as well but a top5 would be friends ,grey's anatomy ,castle ,once upon a time and sex &the city =D Posted 1 month ago
mooshka said …
Never:P I super duper missed you dude<33 I still remember all the conversations you, me, and Dany used to have<333
And yeah, every things fine:) Just a little more stressed out than usual because I moved out and just started college. How are you? and how's the boy?:)
My order for the four main girls is; 1)Gabby 2)Bree 3)Lynette 4)Susan and my favorite guy is Carlos followed by Mike and then Tom. And I hardcore ship Gaby/Carlos so bad! and I also ship Susan/Mike and Tom/Lynette! Posted 1 month ago
mooshka commented…
you? 1 month ago
unicornsrreal said …
hehehe;) so how's life? :D Posted 1 month ago
marakii said …
i'm good too :) ,just very busy because this is my senior year and i have a lot of studying. you?
oh and btw let's fangirl too xD you watch both oth & tvd ,yay ,what other shows do you watch? Posted 1 month ago
unicornsrreal said …
Hopefully! The only other option is an apprenticeship with on the job training, and that's not my kind of thing. Posted 1 month ago
tvdlover said …
Really? Where have you moved to? :D Posted 1 month ago
marakii gave me props for my articles
Hi Jess :)))) since you're back *yay* I think we should really get to know each other :D . I'm Maria btw ,how are you? Posted 1 month ago
WarriorGilbert gave me props for my links
Nothing Posted 1 month ago