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fetchgirl2366 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Hey there, stranger. Hadn't heard from you in a while. What's going on? Posted over a year ago
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JimmyManceLuvr said about Homework Help
I really hate asking for this but its my only shot. I'll be glad to do skype tutoring, just send me a message on here and I'll give you a skype. English, writing, Algebra, Spanish... but I need to fund studying in Spain... so if you like the tutoring session, please visit here and donate

link Posted over a year ago
JimmyManceLuvr said about Glee
Unpopular opinion... please don't kill me

I'm tired of Brittany. I used to love her, but her scenes never make me laugh anymore at their stupidity... they're just... stupid. Posted over a year ago
fetchgirl2366 commented…
I may be a major Brittany fan--as I am a major Quinn, Santana, Finn, Rory, and Joe fan--but I won't kill you. No one's gonna make you like or dislike somebody anyways. over a year ago
JimmyManceLuvr commented…
^I appreciate that. And I don't dislike her, I mean Brittana and Klaine and Quinndependence are my OTPs on this show... but I meant that she was getting a little static... over a year ago
mangie1995 commented…
I still love her, I don't love her as much as I used too, now and then she comes across sort of..I can't think of the word right now, but I don't find her quite as lovable as I did. over a year ago
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hi there Posted over a year ago
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☆ Thanks for the add back ^_^ ☆
& Nice to meet you ^-^ Posted over a year ago
sasa112 said …
hi Posted over a year ago
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ıғ чσυ нανε α вεƨт ғяıεпɔ, ρσƨт тнıƨ σп нεя шαʟʟ.♥ Posted over a year ago
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Hey everyone! I just want y'all to check out the Glee Countdown where you'll have rate Glee's Top 40 hits from 1-10.
It will be fun! Check it out!
link Posted over a year ago
JimmyManceLuvr said about Glee
Oh my gosh. Cell Block is so terrible...

They never should have tried. Posted over a year ago
piperlovegood commented…
I was very disappointed in it too. over a year ago
sharpy000 commented…
i thought it was rlly good! over a year ago
mangie1995 commented…
It didn't hold a candle to the original of course, I did still like it though. ;) over a year ago