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I wanna be somebody's buddy

Somebody who can be my buddy back Posted over a year ago
TheHogwartsJagu commented…
I wanna be somebody's buddy. Anyone but a dumb shit butler over a year ago
JimmyManceLuvr said about Glee
So I guess some shit went down.... And Chloe is gone... can people please fill me in? I read the wall posts but idk if that was all of it. Posted over a year ago
piperlovegood commented…
FM19 lost her main account yesterday and her replacement was gone this morning. And yet Chrissy still has hers over a year ago
mangie1995 commented…
basically yeah, chloe lost her account and her replacement account then some people said some stuff and now everyone's depressed basically. over a year ago
xoheartinohioxo commented… over a year ago
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Um...*starts crying* I'm sorry, but Chloe left something on the Glee wall, and--sorry, I can't take this. It's too sad. Posted over a year ago
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One of the most dedicated fans here! :) Posted over a year ago
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Thanks for remembering me!! :( Posted over a year ago
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yah i thought i should leave her alone but we had to fight back

thanx:))) Posted over a year ago
JimmyManceLuvr said about Glee
WATCH. THIS. (Character theme songs for everyone in ND)! Posted over a year ago
sheerika commented…
i like this:) over a year ago
fetchgirl2366 commented…
LOL Tina's was silence. XD (But seriously, she needs at least a little love as well.) over a year ago
klaine_forever commented…
Awesome! I love Britts, Sams, Tinas and of cource the amazing Kurt Hummel <3 over a year ago
JimmyManceLuvr commented…
Yes. Tina's was my favorite :) over a year ago
JimmyManceLuvr said about Glee
Found on tumblr

No offense is meant

The conversation of RIB
Brad: I think that we should give Jenna a solo
Ian: I agree we should develop her character maybe introduce her adoptive parents
Ryan: Who is Jenna?
Ryan: Finchel.
Posted over a year ago
fetchgirl2366 commented…
Way to end the freakin' conversation about giving Jenna/Tina a solo, Ryan. :/ over a year ago
sheerika commented…
thats crap to poor jenna over a year ago
TigerLillee commented…
ugg... but glee wiki says that jenna and lea were in the studio together, and there were a lot of jenna/lea scenes so that is good over a year ago
mangie1995 commented…
lmfao, I bet this is actually a genuine conversation that's gone down. :P over a year ago
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.________ ♥________ Posted over a year ago
big smile
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I adore your icon! Posted over a year ago