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Kamila_064 said about Martian Manhnter
You lost a letter in the name, the u in martian manhunter Posted over a year ago
Kamila_064 said about merlin 4
What is this Club about? What is the number 4 for? Posted over a year ago
Mony-Black38 gave me props for my images
Thanks for the add! Posted over a year ago
TheCountess said …
Thanks for adding me! :)
Even though we don't have that many groups in common (yet), I suspect that we have more in common than meets the eye. Your description of musical interests has got to be the most interesting one I've see on fanpop. A fair amount of bands / musicians that I enjoy don't have a club here, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that you enjoy some of them too. Posted over a year ago
TheCountess commented…
...just curious ...Are you familiar with any of these? ...Klaus Schulze, Kitaro, Eloy, Grobschnitt, Guru Guru, Can. I could go on, but I'd have to dig through my album collection to remember more names. over a year ago
Kamila_064 commented…
Your right we have much more in common then meets the eye, I love music like that. although I don't know what to think about Guru Guru and Can. But the others are instantly great, the fact is you have just introduced me to bands I didn't know! Thank you so much. Do you know Constance Demby? My Favorite of hers is Darkness of Space (58 seconds in, it gets greater). I also enjoy Louis & Bebe Barron (Soundtrack score of Forbidden Planet). over a year ago
TheCountess commented…
I'm always happy to share. To tell the truth, it's been ages since I listened to any of my albums. Guru Guru is more spaced out rather than space music, and I can't even remember what Can sounds like. I'm not familar with Constance Demby, but thanks for sharing. I love Forbidden Planet! I think I have the soundtrack by on cassette tape somewhere - at least if that's the theramin score. :) over a year ago
TheCountess commented…
...just a thought - I was exposed to quite a few great bands / artists by an acquaintance who is a radio DJ. He has a short show on Sunday nights, but a lot of his past shows are available as archived material that can be listened to online. If you're interested, his name is Mark Krueger and the archive link is link over a year ago