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From Paws To Thumbs Part 14(Remake)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
disney crossover     Angel sneaked up behind the Siamese twins, grabbed their ponytails and tied them together. She then grabbed the rope they used to tie her up. "Oh girls! Forgetting something?" said Angel with a smile.

    "The girl! How did she escape?" said Si.

    "It doesn't matter! Let's get her!" said Am.

    They tried to run but they ended up falling on their butts because of their ponytails tied together. Angel then used the rope she grabbed earlier to tie them up...

From Paws To Thumbs Part 13(Remake)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
disney crossover Jim Dear and Darling were at Rodger and Anita’s trying to figure out a way to find the pups. It broke Anita and Darling’s hearts to see Lady and Perdita so heart broken. They also have been looking for Si and Am because Aunt Sarah has been so upset and keeps blaming the dogs. Lady and Perdita are moping around the house worrying about the kids. They felt like they were so useless not being able to find their children and keep them safe. All they could do is hope and pray that they would find them soon. Tramp and Pongo hate to see them like this and tried to talk to them.

My Review of Brave

Opinion posted over a year ago
I've been planning to do this review for a very long time and now I've finally gotten off my lazy butt and wrote it, in a matter of speaking. First of all I'm surprised Pixar hasn't been sued for false advertising. You'll see what I mean when I get to the actual review. Secondly keep in mind that this is just my opinion on the subject and please comment.

I think it's fair first of all to talk about something I won't rip to pieces so I'm going to talk about Merida first. Even though I didn't like her when I first saw the movie she's became one of my all time favorite animated...

From Paws To Thumbs Part 12(Remake)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
disney crossover     The kids are walking in the woods. They stop to rest when they made sure they're far enough away from me.

    "So, now what do we do?" asked Patch.

    "Well, if we were still dogs, we'd live on the streets." said Angel.

    "If we were still dogs, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place." said Scamp.

    "We never should have wandered off." said Angel.

My Top 20 Most Beautiful Animated Females

Opinion posted over a year ago
Being a Man
Magic mirror on the screen, who is the fairest one of all?
I made a list almost a year ago about my top 10 most beautiful animated females but my list has changed a little since then so I decided to do a remake. I hated only doing top 10 because there's so many that are so beautiful so I decided to make it the top 20. Please leave a comment telling me what you think of it but keep in mind it's just my opinion, enjoy.

20.Snow White(Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)

I don't care too much for her as a character, but I still love her, but I have to say that she girl is absolutely gorgeous. I...