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Walt Disney Presents: From Paws To Thumbs (Sequel Contest)

Article posted over a year ago
Fan-Made Disney Movies
Darling's little sister, Anita Ratcliff, is moving to America with her husband, Rodger, her house maid and cook, Nanny, and her 101 Dalmatians. Now that Cruella has found their location they've decided to move to a new country so they're sure to get away from her. Rodger has gotten himself a job, which guaranteed them all green cards.

Darling's dogs, Scamp and Angel, are trouble makers, much like Anita's dog, Patch. They desire to be free and go on adventures but still have their families in their lives, but they can't because they're just dogs. They...

Fanpop Users That Remind Me of Disney Characters (2nd Edition)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Disney Princess Years ago I made an article about Fanpop users that remind me of Disney characters so I decided to do an updated one about new Fanpop users, with a few who aren't here anymore but have earned their position in the article. Some things I might say may offend some people but try not to take it too personally and keep in mind I did warn you I'm going to be brutally honest, if you don't like it it's your own fault for reading it. Enjoy!



Getting To Know KataraLover (Updated)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Disney Princess
First name: Chris and nobody but my family has called me Christopher and lived to tell the tale.

Country of Origin: The United States of America, more specifically Kentucky. Where there's a bunch of people who just act like rednecks and love anything related to being a redneck like Duck Dynasty and Hunting.

Hobbies: Well, for one, coming on Fanpop. I also love to sing, write stories, act, watch movies, imagine, listen to music, and watch youtube videos.

My List of The Best Disney Princess Animation

Opinion posted over a year ago
Disney Princess Okay I noticed a countdown on this club and the results are in my opinion insulting to Disney. I'm not trying to offend anyone, especially the one holding the countdown, but I mean come on, the computed animated films didn't even leave yet. Plus I think people have a different idea of animation than I do because when I think of animation I mostly think about the actual animation itself, not the drawings and consistency, thought that's part of it. But the big part is the colors, the brightness and darkness, the shadowing, and the effects. Now I'm going to separate the computer animated films...

My Review of Quest For Camelot

Opinion posted over a year ago
Childhood Animated Movie Heroines
I've seen a lot of people hate on this movie and I find it weird that they complain about it in this movie but don't mind it in other movies. In this review I will be going through the movie and will every now and again make an argument and talk about complaints that people have made about the movie. Enjoy!

First we open up with the ocean, which is for some reason green. I guess they didn't hear about pollution back in medieval times, that's probably part of why it's the dark ages because of the morons destroying our earth. Now with that hippy moment out of the way, we meet our...