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Save the Cats

Article posted over a year ago
I need a home. After being left in the streets, and seperated from my mom, I am helplessly in need of a caring family.
So many animals have been abused. People like you and me, animal shelters, and animal police have decided to take action and save the cats. I think that we should as well, take action and save them as well. Many have broken bones, lost limbs, eye site, and even died for how badly treated they are. So many people think that when they enter that adoption center and look at that helpless animal, 'No way do I want that! I don't want a animal that hideous in my home!' But those people don't care. It's like they think that they don't have soals. But they are wrong. Animals have soals, and we just...

Save the animals! There calling your name, for help.

Article posted over a year ago
My owner had abused me, and broke my bones, please help.
Did you know that over 100 animals in the world have been abused. Animal shelters, and animal poliece, even people like you and me, have decided to take action, and save them. Many, have broken bones, lost sight in eyes, lost legs, even died from being abused. I think, that now is the time to take action, and save these poor creatures. You know, that when you enter an animal adoption center, you want a kitten, but some word of advice. Yes, kittens are cute, but every time a person buys a cat from an adoption center, they walk out with a kitten. Do you know how you would feel, if you were that...