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Kirkir said …
Heyy Katie :D
Welcome back to the LPF, I'm Kir. I see we have a lot in common like GOT, AHS, Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds <33 Posted 5 days ago
Hey guys, I'm not sure if anyone here remembers me, but I was briefly on this spot. I left due to some issues. If you guys will have me back that will truly be awesome. Posted 6 days ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Hi, hon!! :) I missed you <33 6 days ago
tvdlover commented…
Katie <3 6 days ago
Piu95 commented…
We probably missed each other, welcome back ! I'm Aline :) 2 days ago
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Hey Katie.I saw your post on LPF! Welcome to the family! My name's Atie. Posted 11 months ago
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Hey Katie, I just saw your post on the LPF and I just wanted to welcome you properly into the family :) I'm Aline. & I hope you'll like the spot :) Posted 11 months ago
Hello. I'm Katie, this spot seems amazing. I haven't been on fanpop in a long time but I remember that I always wanted to join this spot if I had the chance, because you girls seem amazing. So, is it okay if I join? Posted 11 months ago
Sakkara98 commented…
hey Katie ! Welcome ! Of course you can join,everyone is accepted here ! I'm Inès,nice to meet you ! 11 months ago
KatieSalvatore commented…
We might have talked, I don't remember if we did I'm sorry but it's great to meet you! All of you as well! 11 months ago
WarriorGilbert commented…
Hey Katie..I'm Atie! welcome to the club 11 months ago
KatieSalvatore said about Chair Family
Hello! I have been gone for a while, and last time I was here the spot wasn't very active :/
I'm glad it's catching up, I've missed you girls! Posted 11 months ago
CullenSisters-X commented…
Hiya Katie! It's great to have you back here :D 11 months ago
KatieSalvatore commented…
Thank you! 11 months ago
twilightlover73 said …
Hey, yeah it's been a while indeed. Most people left fanpop which sucks.
I'm awful because fuck my school. You?
Is that my icon you're wearing? Thank you, you're awesome. Posted over a year ago
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Well, not much I got my 18th birthday coming in less than 2 months and getting driver's licence. You?
I love Teen Wolf! What do you think of it? Which episode are you at? Posted over a year ago
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I think is a great idea that you're taking a break from school for now.
I really love Peter. His awesome.

My main two favorites are Jaime and Cersei. But, I also like Jon, Tyrion, Oberyn, Dany, Arya, Sansa and so many others.
I ship Cersei x Jaime, Dany x Drogo and I ship Dany x Darrio, Ygritte x Jon and so much more. :P

Really? Some people stopped watching it. /: Posted over a year ago
big smile
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Any chance I could get you to vote and leave a comment in this Disney Poll I made here:

I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comment in my Disney Poll, so it would really mean a lot to me <3! Posted over a year ago