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Well, not much I got my 18th birthday coming in less than 2 months and getting driver's licence. You?
I love Teen Wolf! What do you think of it? Which episode are you at? Posted 5 months ago
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I think is a great idea that you're taking a break from school for now.
I really love Peter. His awesome.

My main two favorites are Jaime and Cersei. But, I also like Jon, Tyrion, Oberyn, Dany, Arya, Sansa and so many others.
I ship Cersei x Jaime, Dany x Drogo and I ship Dany x Darrio, Ygritte x Jon and so much more. :P

Really? Some people stopped watching it. /: Posted 5 months ago
big smile
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Any chance I could get you to vote and leave a comment in this Disney Poll I made here:

I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and comment in my Disney Poll, so it would really mean a lot to me <3! Posted 5 months ago
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I know I can't wait to finish High School. Yes, I want to go to college and I want to go in for acting and modeling. I also want to go to wrestling school.
Thank you. Do you like Peter?
I ship Stiles x Derek, Lydia x Jackson but now I'm shipping Lydia x Peter a lot. Lydia x Aiden, Allison x Scott and Ethan x Danny.

I see you like GoT also. Who are your favorite ships and characters? By the way do you still watch TVD? Posted 5 months ago
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The spot is pretty much dead now.

I can't wait until I finish school.
I love everyone on the show but my favorites are Stiles, Derek, Peter and Lydia. What couples you ship? Posted 5 months ago
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I just hope someday everyone come back. I miss Chair Family so much. Nothing much. I'm just really busy with school. What's new with you?

Thank you. I love your Allison icon too. Who are your favorites from Teen Wolf? Posted 5 months ago
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I'm great, thanks! How r u?
Aww I missed you too! Posted 5 months ago
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Sorry for late so much but...
Here the new part of my FF <3 Posted over a year ago
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The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, One Tree Hill
And more
sorry for my late reply been busy with exams:)
Who do you ship in TVD? Posted over a year ago
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Yeah, you're right. Exams and school in general are such hoes.

But hey, at least we have SE! Posted over a year ago