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KoreanBird said about EXO
So glad to see that my club is still active after all these years and has 4,000+ fans. - The Creator Posted over a year ago
KoreanBird said …
I'm really impressed to see that the club I created (EXO) has 4,000+ fans. Posted over a year ago
KoreanBird said …
It's been 5+ years for me on Fanpop. Posted over a year ago
Yume-san gave me props for my answers
Hey it's alright. Awh I see, but you don't have some app idk like Kik, Snapchat or something like that? :P This site is soo dead. How have you been? ^^ Posted over a year ago
KoreanBird said about EXO
I hope everybody likes the new club icon and banner! ~ The Creator Posted over a year ago
Gretulee commented…
The icon is cute, sad to see this banner, though over a year ago
Haonako commented…
bless u over a year ago
KoreanBird said …
Wow I haven't logged into Fanpop in SUCH a long time. I'll still be checking every few months though. Posted over a year ago
Yume-san gave me props for my comments
Hey, it's okay, don't worry, same here. Yup Fanpop is pretty dead and not as fun as it was before D: But how are you? What's new with you? :) I also wanted to ask you if you have Twitter or Skype? I'm there more often :D Posted over a year ago
KoreanBird said about EXO
I just wanted to thank everyone for keeping this an active club. -KoreanBird Posted over a year ago
Yume-san said …
Hey dear, I am back I guess. I've missed ya, how have you been? What's new with you? I'll come here from time to time but not as often as I did before ^^ Posted over a year ago
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KoreanBird said …
It 's been too long! Change the way you see the world. Posted over a year ago
KoreanBird commented…
link over a year ago