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PrueFever gave me props for my comments
Thank you so much for voting in my Disney Polls and great that The Little Mermaid is your favorite Disney Movie, it's mine as well <3! Posted 4 days ago
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PrueFever gave me props for my polls
Would you vote and leave a comment in my Disney Poll here:

That would mean a lot to me, if you did. Thank you very much! :D Posted 5 days ago
KotokoAihara said about Disney Princess
Has the Team Ariel article been made yet because I would really like to be a part of it. I've made some pretty collages for Ariel that would look great for the article. Posted 26 days ago
Persephone713 commented…
Good question, and for future reference- I would like to know how you become a member of one of your fav. Princesses teams? Like Ariel or Belle for me. 26 days ago
zikkiforever commented…
Unfortunately I was the only one during the sign ups to want Team Ariel. You need at least 3 members for a team. So no Team Ariel. There is also no Team Cinderella. So you need to message princecatcher93 and ask to join the team of your choice. 26 days ago
KotokoAihara commented…
I guess we could just join later Um... 24 days ago
thank you for the complement on my Disney Princess question =) Posted 26 days ago
Flickerflame gave me props for my answers
Thanks for fanning back Posted 1 month ago
140990 gave me props for my videos
Hi!!! No pob and Thx!!!!!! Nice 2 meet u!! Posted 1 month ago
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Thanks for the compliment!Here's a prop for your outstanding article :) Posted 1 month ago
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Thanks! Though it's me THEDisneyFreak, my other account was deleted by my ex-friend. Posted 1 month ago
KotokoAihara commented…
That's awful. I'm sorry about that well I'm glad you're back. 1 month ago
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KotokoAihara said about New Girl
I like the banner! Its new, right? Posted 1 month ago
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I thought I added you ages ago! Sorry about that. :) Posted 1 month ago