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Lanny32 said about Sherlock on BBC One
Wow!!! What an amazing episode "His Last Vow" was! I thought nothing could beat "A Scandal in Belgravia" but, I was wrong! Posted 3 months ago
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Thank you for your comment Posted 5 months ago
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thanks for the add sweetheart Posted 12 months ago
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Thank you for the add, and the nice comment about my article :)
Have a nice day! Posted over a year ago
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Hey Lanny! Guess what series I just bought at the store today??? Sherlock! The series you really like! The lady working at the store recommended it too!! I'll have to let you know what I think!! :) Posted over a year ago
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Hey Lanny! that is so cool that you live near the causeway and where the giants used to roam! I can familiar with a few giant tales... like Finn McCool and Belladonner! :) That's great you have all of Dr.Quinn's series! We do too and the movies! They are great - Jane Seymour is so beautiful!!! What other great shows do you like? I'm also a fan of Castle - I think if you like the Mentalist you might like that show too! :) Hope you had a good week and a great weekend! Posted over a year ago
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Hi Lanny! Thanks for fanning me! That is so cool you live in the UK (It's Ireland right?) !! My mom and I love everything british/UK!! I plan to visit there someday!! We have a few shows in common - I noticed you're a fan of Dr. Quinn too! I LOVE that show!! My family & I havee all the seasons! I'm a huge Mentalist fan too! I'm looking forward to season 5!! Have you been able to see season 4 where you live? Anyways - hope you have a great day! It was nice to meet you!! ~Spenser Posted over a year ago
snowwhite2 said …
Thanks for the add back :) I've always like Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett was classic, but the new BBC Sherlock program is so up to date, detailed, more realistic and just plain cool! It makes all the others seem, flat. Posted over a year ago
Lanny32 said about Sherlock on BBC One
I've never been a fan of Sherlock Holmes before because of his destructive hang-ups etc. & I've always preferred Agatha Christie's order & method of Poirot. But, this modern adaptation is just genius &, although his hang-ups are still there, the emphasis is on his lightening fast, clever detection. I also really like the portrayal of Watson as his friend & equal, albeit in different ways, as opposed to just his sidekick. Posted over a year ago
Idunn commented…
The same happened to me :) over a year ago
MissSpens commented…
I have been wanting to see Sherlock Holmes!! I love mystery shows - I enjoy Agatha Christie, Rosemary & Thyme, & Poirot! I'll have to check it out next time I'm at the store! Thanks for the recommendation! over a year ago
Sherlock2013 commented…
Miss, Spens, Sherlock 2013 here. You are in for a treat!! Benedict is spectacular as Holmes!! He never sits still, except when he's lying on the couch or is is sitting in his chair. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with everyone who recommended getting Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. If you're near a mall that has an HMV music shop, I strongly suggest you try there. If they don't have it on the shelves, they will special order it for you. over a year ago
Enni-Antonella said …
hi Posted over a year ago