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harrypotterbest gave me props for my polls
Lenzy! I love your motto :) Posted 9 months ago
Lenzetta-Lovett commented…
Thaaaanks :) 9 months ago
harrypotterbest commented…
you're welcomeeeeee :) 9 months ago
theanimemaster said …
Hey...I know we haven't spoken in a while. And it's my fault, I do t go online anymore. Just thought you might want to know why, but be warned its detailed Posted over a year ago
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Welcome to join my new club! Posted over a year ago
NellLovetCarter gave me props for my images
'I hope this Christmas enriches your life,
may each day be happy and bright.
Overflowing with pleasure and light,
may your Christmas be filled with delight.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!<3 Posted over a year ago
I won't be coming on here (fanpop in general) for some time. May pop onto chat once in a blue moon...Depends on the amount of homework I have. See you guys later....eventually....whenever....*waves and walks slowly towards the sunset* Posted over a year ago
Lenzetta-Lovett said …
It will be very rare that I will be coming on least for the time being. For anyone who has fanned me recently, I thank you for fanning me, I don't know when I will be fanning people back though. Don't take it as an insult, I just don't have time to come on here much at all. So goodbye for now, fanpop. Until we meet again. Maybe over Christmas break perhaps? Could be a possibility...maybe...*waves* Posted over a year ago
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thanks for the addback:) thank you for liking my icon. Posted over a year ago
NellLovetCarter gave me props for my images
Hi! Nice to meet a fellow Helena-fan!:) Posted over a year ago
Never in my wildest dreams have I expected Helena and Sacha Baron Cohen to be married (in their roles). The Thenardier's are going to be interesting characters, I can tell. Posted over a year ago
NellLovetCarter commented…
Agree:) I just canĀ“t wait for Les Miserables! over a year ago
Lenzetta-Lovett commented…
I actually got the book today :) I'm gonna be in solitude all night so I can read it peacefully <3 over a year ago
Aimee147 said …
Hey! How have you been? :D Posted over a year ago