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Sounds like my kinda magazine xD This proves that Larry is the best ship. Don't deny it. :)

I won't give you props then so you don't have to feel bad :D Unless you want props? Posted over a year ago

The pick is up xx Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 said to sarabeara
I think she's right. I mean she has to be. All that stuff is too coincidental and honestly I just really want to believe it so I will.

Ahh, have will power! I say keep the Phelps icon for the Olympics :) Afterwards you can go back to 1D for as long as you like! Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 said to 1Dluver19
Thanks for the add C: Posted over a year ago
1Dluver19 commented…
Yess C; over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 said to sarabeara
really though thank you that just made my whole day :D Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 commented…
I realize this is three hours after the original post but I just realized I never congratulated you on going without a 1D icon and I obviously need to! We both did it! :D over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 said to sarabeara
Oh, I am the same exact way. I tried to act completely cool on the way to the restaurant, but I basically freaked out right in front of it. Luckily my mom was sympathetic to me so we ended up going to a different restaurant... Thank God x]

Yes, once that stuff starts again we can forget about this horrible time and pretend there was never any Larry drama. And yeah, Caroline seriously needs to go away already... -_- Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 said to sarabeara
Yeah we went on this tour of the town so we saw all the sights :) It was very interesting! Though I did get creeped out and I refused to eat at this "haunted" restaurant.. That stuff has always scared me >.<

Noo he can't be back with Caroline in any way! Ughh this just all sucks. I just want to go back to when they were on tour and we had a new Larry moment like daily. Is that too much to ask? Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 said to sarabeara
Aw, I feel bad for your friend :\ Guys suck.

Yeah I did! :) We went to Salem which I really enjoyed, being the history nerd that I am.

Haha, I know the feeling! The whole week I had my Spiderman icon I was just itching to change my icon. Good luck! x] Posted over a year ago
Oh yeah, I'm on a lot. Compared to a lot of people I don't have that many medals though haha :) Posted over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 said to sarabeara
I hope it goes/went well! Sorry for taking longer than usual to reply, I was on a mini vacation :) Now that I think about it I should have told people I wasn't here, haha. Posted over a year ago