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Liz_parawhore said about Paramore
OMG, I'm obsessed with Paramore <3 I'm their biggest fan!!! :D <3 :) I listen to them every second, every night , every day..I know right lol :) They're my life. Hayley Williams is my Idol. She's such an amazing person to look up to :) Even tho she's like the love of my life lol it isn't just about Hayley...Its about Jeremy, Taylor, and Hayley :) PARAMORE. That's what Paramore is really about. A family :) PARAMORE IS STILL A BAND!! :) <3 Posted over a year ago
I LOVE YOU HAYLEY!!!!! <3333 OMG, Hayley Williams is my Idol :D she makes me come alive. She's adorable , gorgeous, beautiful and just fucking amazing :D LOL (true fan <3) Posted over a year ago