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Why do we love Damon Salvatore?

Opinion posted over a year ago
Hey girls! In case you're so obsessed with this cool guy as I am,enjoy reading reasons to love him!If I miss something(and I know I will) add your points in comments so we had a completed list!

We love Damon because

1) He made us stare at him with great pleasure when he first appeared in the show!

2) He is such a badass!

3) He is a heartless savage vampire, but we don't really care!

Interview with the newest Fanatic Natalie88:)

Opinion posted over a year ago
You're Fanatic now! How does it feel?

Fantastic! My first reaction was heard even in my neighborhood :) I almost began that "I want to say thanks to my mum, hairstylist and my dog" speech because it really felt like I'd got an Oscar! I've been waiting for this medal for so long and now I have to thank everyone (again) for rating my contributions :)

How did you get this medal? How long did it take you?

It took me one year. I've been fanpopping since june 2008. It's a tough competition here so you need to do your best to find and upload...

Mini Interview with Wendy (67impala)!!!:)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
What place does Supernatural take in your heart?

Besides my family, Supernatural is #1! Or maybe that makes it #2...either way, it's my #1 fave TV show EVER!! :))

What things do you contribute the most?

Quiz questions, photos, icons, additions to the SPN calendar. I love to participate in the picks and the forum (although in May I haven't as much as usual), and to rate and comment on others' submissions. :DD

Have you noticed that fans rate and comment everything better on SPN spot than on the others?

The Kids are Alright Quotes

Guide posted over a year ago
Sam: That knife you had... you can kill demons with that thing?
Ruby: Sure comes in handy when you have to swoop in and save the damsel in distress.
Sam: Where you get it?
Ruby: Skymail.
Dean:Is that Humphrey? The one that needs to lay off the burgers?
Ben: You know who else thinks they're awesome? Chicks! It's like hot-chick city out there!
Dean: What? Someone had to teach him to kick a bully in the nads
Sam: How many dying wishes are you going to get?

Magnificent Seven Quotes

Guide posted over a year ago
Dean: What do you want?
Envy: We already have what we want.
Dean: What’s that?
Envy: We’re out, we’re free. Thanks to you, my kind are everywhere
Envy: You really think you’re better than me. Which one of you can cast the first stone, huh? What about you, Dean? You’re practically a walking billboard of gluttony and lust.
Dean: You look like hell warmed over.
Bobby: You try exorcising all night, see how you feel.
Sam: Any survivors, Bobby?
Bobby: Well, the pretty girl and the heavy guy, they’ll make it. A lifetime of therapy bills...