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Dramione - The Forbidden lovestory#3

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
So, this is the third chapter... Hope you like it ☺

"Good night" I answer to him. That felt odd. I have never even thought to say something like that to Malfoy. This whole day has been odd. First that episode in the train, then this. Oh dear Merlin, am I crushing on Malfoy?!

I lay on my bed. I can't sleep. I just can't get him out of my head. I don't know, how my opnion can change so fast. I mean, Malfoy has bullied me from my first year and now I may be crushing on him! How can it be possible? Well... Maybe I'll think about that tomorrow, now...

Dramione - The Forbidden lovestory #2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
So, this is another chapter for my fan fic. I try to write a little longer this time. Hope you like it :))

"Could Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger stay here for a moment?" Dumbledore asked with his soft voice. I looked at Draco. Oh, I'm just waiting for wiping that smirk from his face. We wait that pupils go to corridors or somewhere else.

"Oh, don't be afraid, you won't have detention" Dumbledore said with a friendly smile.
"Actually I have great news for you two" He says. I looked at Draco and he looked at me. What could it be? No, I won't do...

Dramione - The Forbidden Lovestory#1

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
My first story :)) It starts from the express and pupils are going back to Hogwards after summer. Harry, Ron and Hermione are now in their last year. Hope U like it :)) Plz, comment ;))

I'm sitting in the Hogwards express. I'm reading, as I usually do. I like reading.
"Are we there yet? I'm hungry" Ron complains.
"Ron, could you just be quiet? I'm trying to read" I say.
"I don't keep my mouth shut until I get food" Ron answers.
"Then I'll go with Luna" I say and enter to corridors. I'm looking for Luna. Where is my lovely blond friend? Soon I'm faced...