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ALL Teasers! *UPDATED*

Opinion posted over a year ago
1. The Great Dragon makes two separate appearances, but Aithusa is not in either…
2. “Everything I cherished between us, everything we had – it’s gone. That’ll never change”
3. Agravaine learns the hard way
4. “I came back because you’re the only friend I have and I couldn’t bear to lose you…”
5. Merlin tells Arthur a very important bedtime story
6. “You and you alone can restore *** ****’s *****”
7. Old Emrys plays a small, but vital role in the final battle

Teasers for 4x12

Opinion posted over a year ago

1. The episode title is a lie, for this half anyway
2. Arthur is trouserless, again
3. “It’s a good job you don’t have anything of importance to keep secret isn’t it!”
4. Despite all the slow-mo, the battle for Camelot is over swiftly
5. Agravaine’s treachery is finally exposed by a Knight of Camelot and he pays for it later
6. “I’m fine… maybe a broken rib or two”
7. Arthur undergoes a radical personality change thanks to an enchantment


Article posted over a year ago
WOOOO SPOILERS FROM PPL WHO WATCHED NEXT WEEKS EPISODE 12 DONT READ IF U DONT WANT IT SPOILER 4x12 spoilers from the Caerphilly advanced screening today: -There was a lot of action straight off the bat, with some really funny Merlin and Arthur scenes. -There was some nice Arthur and Merlin stuff. Definitely a few funny moments, although nothing outrageously shippy in my opinion. -I can comment on
Merlin and Arthur having nice scenes because it's obvious that they would be together for at least some parts of the episode. -There isn't any mention of the tension between Arthur and Merlin...

'Merlin': Ten teasers about 'The Wicked Day'

Article posted over a year ago
Check out Digital Spy's ten teasers for this week's Merlin below:

1. "I've been playing a dangerous game since the first time I set foot in Camelot."

2. The prince is not too happy with the "entertainment" at his birthday feast.

3. "I think that a lot of sorcerers are in the charcoal business."

4. The elderly Merlin returns and confronts Arthur once more!

5. "You've got *******, ******** and ******** to entertain you!"


Arthur Gwen quotes

Opinion posted over a year ago
*Beauty and the Beast*
Gwen: I saw what you did earlier. The people owe you a debt of gratitude.
Arthur: The people owe me nothing. My father is still going to impose the tax.
Gwen: Will he not be persuaded?
Arthur: Not by me. He can't stand the sight of me.
Gwen: That's not true. The King loves you.
Arthur: You should have heard the way he spoke to me.
Gwen: I'm sure he was angry but you're still his son. Everyone appreciates what you did. They know you tried and they won't forget that.