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Harry Potter

Who else cried during the Deathly Hallows book?

18 answers | my answer: I did... when Hedwig, Mad-Eye, Dobby, Fred, Tonks, ...
Harry Potter

This is a stupid question.

14 answers | my answer: Don't listen to the people who say no and let you d...
Harry Potter

Deathly Hallows Part 2?

13 answers | my answer: OMG. It came out 2 days ago in mu country. It's ama...
Harry Potter

Would it be weird to wear a coustume if your seeing Part 2, but it's not the midnight showing?

16 answers | my answer: It would be the coolest thing if you'll dress up!! ...
Michael Jackson

who HATES miley cyrus and loves michael jackson!!!!? PLZ ANSEWR

28 answers | my answer: First of all I Love Michael very very very very muc...
Michael Jackson

hey how about celebrating 29th august as world children's day,just to keep micheal's memories alive in our hearts.

1 answer | my answer: Very good idea! i wouls defently celebrate it!! ...
Michael Jackson

what will you miss the most about michael???

58 answers | my answer: Everything! his willing to help the sick children ...
Michael Jackson

Submit one particular picture of MJ that means a lot to you,and explain why you love that pic so much.

10 answers | my answer: out of 1,719 photos of Michael I have on my compute...
Michael Jackson

do you have any michael jackson cd's? if you do which ones?

13 answers | my answer: I have OFF THE WALL, THRILLER (two coppies) and BAD...
Michael Jackson

Help Me to find rare MJ photos or videos or home movies?

12 answers | my answer: Out of 1,758 pictures of Mike, that one is realy cu...