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I'm just hoping that Regina doesn't become evil again, out of hatred for Emma, like she did with Snow. And I was confused with the Snow Queen, because I didn't know there was an old one, I thought it was just from the new movie, so I didn't know why they would add a character from a movie that was just out in theaters. And I'm excited to see who she is, and what connections she has with other characters :) Posted 4 months ago
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тнanĸѕ ғor addιng мe вacĸ
nice to meet you! hope we can be good friends :3

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have a lovely day! :D Posted 4 months ago
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I'm really upset that they brought Marion back, even though Emma didn't mean to cause trouble. I know that finally, after all these years, that Regina loves someone again besides Henry. But how can Robin leave his wife for Regina? And now, Regina will probably hate Emma for taking away who she loves, just like how she hated Snow for telling Cora about Daniel. I'm not sure how this will all play out, but I'm really excited for the next season. Are you excited for Elsa/Snow Queen? Posted 4 months ago
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I loved it! I was so emotional when Rumple and Belle got married. I've been waiting for them to get married for a while now. I absolutely love both of them. I was scared when Hook and Emma almost ruined the future for them. But overall, I absolutely loved it. Posted 4 months ago
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That's okay ♥
Yes it did get canceled after the first season. What did you think of the Once Upon a Time finale? Posted 4 months ago
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Yeah I watched the whole season. It was pretty good! But not as good as the Once Upon a Time. I gotta say it was a bit more creepier then Once Upon a Time though. Posted 5 months ago
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Hmm, my favorite character would have to be Emma. But I also like Hook a lot. I can't wait for them to get together. And I really like that Regina and Robin are together as well :) I've always like Rumpelstiltskin too. Who's your favorite character? Do you like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? Posted 5 months ago
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I can't do that either :) I just get them from websites
I'm great, how are you? Posted 5 months ago