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13th fan. Posted 11 months ago
selgomez4evr commented…
Thanks 11 months ago
Maria1307 said about Undercover
Best song on Stars Dance album Posted 11 months ago
I_loveSelena commented…
Yeah! 11 months ago
Maria1307 said about Skyscraper
62nd fan. Posted 12 months ago
11th fan. Love this song. Posted 12 months ago
Maria1307 said about Serenay Sarikaya
Joined. Posted over a year ago
Maria1307 said about Demi Lovato
Please join the Demi by Demi Lovato club. Posted over a year ago
One of my favourite albums created ever. Posted over a year ago
Piyal commented…
Yea!! over a year ago
Maria1307 said about Wonderstruck
This is my favourite perfume ever. Posted over a year ago
Miley just stopped recording the music video for Twenty Three. Posted over a year ago
Piyal commented…
Yyy??!! over a year ago
Maria1307 commented…
Its her latest song from her new album. over a year ago
Piyal commented…
It's released over a year ago
Maria1307 said about Selena Gomez
Please fan the Stars Dance club. Posted over a year ago