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13th fan. Posted 4 months ago
selgomez4evr commented…
Thanks 4 months ago
Maria1307 said about Undercover
Best song on Stars Dance album Posted 4 months ago
I_loveSelena commented…
Yeah! 4 months ago
Maria1307 said about Skyscraper
62nd fan. Posted 5 months ago
11th fan. Love this song. Posted 5 months ago
Maria1307 said about Serenay Sarikaya
Joined. Posted 5 months ago
Maria1307 said about Demi Lovato
Please join the Demi by Demi Lovato club. Posted 5 months ago
One of my favourite albums created ever. Posted 6 months ago
Piyal commented…
Yea!! 6 months ago
Maria1307 said about Wonderstruck
This is my favourite perfume ever. Posted 7 months ago
Miley just stopped recording the music video for Twenty Three. Posted 8 months ago
Piyal commented…
Yyy??!! 8 months ago
Maria1307 commented…
Its her latest song from her new album. 8 months ago
Piyal commented…
It's released 6 months ago
Maria1307 said about Selena Gomez
Please fan the Stars Dance club. Posted 8 months ago