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Taylor Swift

***Post a picture of Taylor in sparkly dress***

29 answers | my answer: Here's mine :) hope you like it! :D <13
Taylor Swift

What's your favorite song of Taylor swift?

9 answers | my answer: Right now my favorite songs by Taylor are, Safe and...
Taylor Swift

taylor Swift contest *round one*!

22 answers | my answer: Image Credit Gos to whoever edited it, and Taylor S...
Taylor Swift

What are your top 5 favorite Taylor songs

5 answers | my answer: Well...they change all the time, but right now, my ...
Taylor Swift

What do you think?...

12 answers | my answer: That is AMAZING!!!!!! Do you think you could messag...
Taylor Swift

post a pic of taylor swift wearing a dress (props)

31 answers | my answer: Here's Mine :) Hope you like it!
Taylor Swift

do a pic with taylor swift banner.

11 answers | my answer: I made two. :) you can find them both on my gallery...
Taylor Swift

Post a pic of taylor wearing violet dress!props for everyone!!!!!!!!

33 answers | my answer: Is this okay?
A Series of Unfortunate Events

Did u like the end of The End? yes or no. explain

5 answers | my answer: Yes and No. Yes because I thought it was good, alth...
A Series of Unfortunate Events

Favorite part of Bad Beginning

1 answer | my answer: Hmmmm...... Probably, when Violet used her left han...