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Taylor Swift

hey...... post a pic ...

18 answers | my answer: Is this okay?
Taylor Swift

Upload a picture of taylor swift lyrics!

17 answers | my answer: Here's mine :)
Taylor Swift

~★~★~★~Big Contest~★~★~★~

9 answers | my answer: Here's one of mine :) Please let me know if yo...
Taylor Swift

What is your favorite Taylor Swift song(s)? Mine are Enchanted, mine, and if this was a movie!! PROPS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!(:

26 answers | my answer: Right now they're: Safe & Sound, Speak Now, Forever...
Taylor Swift

Is "Safe and Sound" out on the radio yet?

3 answers | my answer: Wow! You did a great job!! Loved it!!
Taylor Swift

post a pic of taylor swift in any photoshoot.

25 answers | my answer: Here's mine :) (I edited the text and put it on) :)...
Taylor Swift

Please post the best pic of taylor from a photoshoot!!

14 answers | my answer: Hope you like it! :D <13
Taylor Swift

What did you think of Taylor at the Grammy Awards?

5 answers | my answer: I loved her dress for mean (I haven't seen safe and...
Taylor Swift

Please post a pic of Tay...

13 answers | my answer: IS this okay?
Taylor Swift

post a a black and white picture of taylor swift

18 answers | my answer: I edited it. It's from the Safe and Sound music Vid...