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prussiaducky gave me props for my videos
HI we are having a search about you so yea just so your inactive little wall know hehe Posted over a year ago
disneygirl7 commented…
WHOA NAJMA WHY YOU STALK HER. Lol what am I doing here? over a year ago
Silverrose1991 commented…
Damn it, Najma! I was going to comment on her wall first! Hi Meaghan! Let's be best friends! over a year ago
CRaZy_rawR commented…
Whoa. We are all stalking her now. XD over a year ago
MacytheStrange commented…
Fashionably late as always! over a year ago
sandrasaint gave me props for my images
Nice Rascal Flatts pix Posted over a year ago
JeanetteMiller2 said …
Nice icon!:D Posted over a year ago
MeaghanDavis said about Brave
I love love this movie. Posted over a year ago
haynay24 commented…
me too over a year ago
koolkat909 commented…
I also love it over a year ago
LPSrock65 commented…
me too over a year ago
MeaghanDavis said about Apple
I love apple company. My two ipods are made by apple and I love it a lot in my life :) Posted over a year ago
mimirrmb commented…
The same wit my. Ipod over a year ago
amanda105 gave me props for my images
Nice Toby Keith icon Posted over a year ago
JBfan516 said …
A star has 5 ends.
A square has 4 ends.
A triangle has 3 ends.
A line has 2 ends.
But the circle of our friendship has no end.
...........Send this to all your best friends including me , if
...............I am one!
if you get 5 back , you are
a good friend.
If you get 10 , you are
If you get 15 back, damn
I'm jealous!!
love ya. Posted over a year ago
I love Alvin and the Chipmunks. I can't wait for the 3rd movie of it :) Posted over a year ago
MeaghanDavis said about Scotty McCreery
I got Scotty's Clear as Day and I will love his songs a lot in my life!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
lovelife324 said …
I LOVE MATER A LOT Posted over a year ago