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Did you cry watching the season finale?

21 answers | my answer: I cried constantly! Especially at the end. I cried ...

How often do you watch LOST now that it's over?

7 answers | my answer: I usually watch the series all the way through, the...
Harry Potter

Who do you think is the greatest wizard of all times?

33 answers | my answer: Dumbledore of Course!
Harry Potter

Is this true?

7 answers | my answer: Hagrid DOES NOT die. Unfortunately Dumbledore does...
Harry Potter

What is your true, most favorite character in Harry Potter?

55 answers | my answer: Severus Snape of course! I always believed in him ...
Harry Potter

If you could describe Harry Potter, the character, with one word, what word would you use?

36 answers | my answer: Determined [to defeat voldemort]
Harry Potter

Which HP star would be the best actor\actress in a romance movie?

7 answers | my answer: Probably Emma Watson, yeah ;D
Harry Potter

Picture Contest!!!!!

11 answers | my answer: I just wanna say that I AM NOT a Hermione/Harry shi...
Harry Potter

Do you like Emma Watson's new pixie haircut?

37 answers | my answer: I'm not a big fan, but it still suits her, and it's...
Harry Potter

Did anyone else cry at the end of the movie when they realised that now Harry Potter is over?

13 answers | my answer: Yup, I cried. I cried through the movie too but I c...