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House M.D.

How far into S6 do you think it'll be before a patient comes in with Swine Flu?

6 answers | my answer: well i don't know...
Twilight Series

How is "Twilight's" series name inn your country/language?

18 answers | my answer: In Bulgaria Twilight Здрач New Moon Нов...
Twilight Series


8 answers | my answer: I think that the 3rd trailer is the best. We can se...
Twilight Series

should stephenie finish midnight sun an make the saga over again but from edwards view

9 answers | my answer: to my mind it would be great if Stephenie finish Mi...
Twilight Series

what would you do if you had the choice of Jacobe or Edward

30 answers | my answer: I would choose Edward because he's my kind of man. ...
Twilight Series

Did anyone notice that Edward's wordrobe changed in new moon?? I liked him better in twilight, He seemed more mature in new moon, Not a seveteen year old, What did you think??

14 answers | my answer: Yeah I noticed it when the first promo pictures and...
Selena Gomez

Do you guys bealive I'm the real Selena Gomez??

29 answers | my answer: to be honest, I don't care :) It would be great if...
Edward Cullen

Why are people so obsessed with Robert Pattison?

16 answers | my answer: I haven't read all answers sorry if I repeat someth...
Alice Cullen

Which do you like better, Alice's wardrobe in Twilight or New Moon???

15 answers | my answer: Definitely in New Moon because the clothes she wore...
Robert Pattinson

do you guys think that Robert will looke hotter in new moon then twilight?

8 answers | my answer: I think he was hotter in Twilight :)