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Rarest of Them All: Chapter 2- The Cardsharks

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Roulette awoke with a start. The unicorn looked around nervously. As she tugged her limbs, it dawned on her that she was chained to a mannequin.
"Ah, what a pleasant surprise! I thought you'd never wake up."
Roulette searched for the source of the voice, which was difficult to do, given the position she was in.
Just as the unicorn brightened her horn to release herself, an object levitated out of the darkness and swiped at her horn. The hacks, however, weren't at random. They seemed to be aimed at strategic places. Roulette looked around nervously, and was surprised to...

Rarest of Them All: Chapter 1: Nightmares

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
AUTHOR NOTE Hey everypony! Ive finally written the Grimdark story i promised you. There will be some Cupcakes shoutouts, so if you haven't read Cupcakes, please do. Comments will be very much appreciated!
Rainbow Dash's body was found in the Sugarcube Corner's basement by the Cakes. Most of the organs were missing, the wings had been torn off, and the face and cutiemark had been cut off. The Royal Guards were alerted and Pinkie was caught and imprisoned. Even though Pinkie said she was sorry, her expression said a...

Pinkamena Diane Pie, a poem inspired by Cupcakes

Article posted over a year ago
Pinkamena Diane Pie,
You can call her Pinkie Pie.
She had a bright cute smile
and yet inside she was so vile.
Her landlords were bakers who made life sweet
and in their basement she kept a secret.
She kidnapped her friends one-by-one,
and in her basement they became undone.
Hearts and lungs filled with helium,
Intestine streamers, snd hideous taxidermies formed part of its gruesome decorum.
Dismembered bodies and bloody walls

My School Report on Friendship

Article posted over a year ago
We had a school assignment today: "Prepare a speech similar to the fox's on taming. List the 'rules' of friendship and any special rites that a friendship should have." FYI, weve been reading "The Little Prince." Heres my report:

Friendship mainly consists of six "elements": loyalty, laighter, generosity, honesty, kindness, and a bit of magic. Friends should trust each other and not betray them. Friends should laugh, cry, and suffer together through each other's problems. Friends should share with each other and be selfless towards one another, that is generosity. Friends should...

Of Cutie Marks and Curses: Chapter 2: Poisoned Apple

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Continuation to Drawing Destiny. I got bored, so yeah. Just like the previous installment, its based on creepypastas, more specifically Jeff the Killer. Please comment and stuff.
Rarity's funeral was a week after her remains were found. Twilight had discovered the corpse in the boutique when she had gone searching for a type of gem to use in a spell. Hidden behind a couch she discovered Sweetie Belle. She had bloodshot eyes and was trembling uncontrolablly. Twilight, the Royal Guards, even Princess Celestia had all attempted to interview the...