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Mongoose09 said about Disney Princess
So the upcoming Disney Mulan remake will have no songs and will apparently NOT star Captain Li Shang... umm. I don't know what to think. Posted 5 days ago
Starfox2000 commented…
Well... it seems it will be a disaster I think. 5 days ago
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lavendersblue commented…
Hmm, particularly, what works for me when it comes to these live-actions is keeping them apart from the originals in my mind, because I knew that if I started comparing, I'd nitpick them to death - and I still do sometimes... Like with the BatB live. I really like it but oh, I just wish I could fix a few details here and there. 3 days ago
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"Come on, it's LeFou... the guy who sings a whole song about how amazing Gaston is... it's not such a reach that the character is gay." That entire post is A+. Posted 9 days ago
Mongoose09 commented…
Hahah, thank you!! People are so ridiculous. 6 days ago
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Please can you join:
link Posted 20 days ago
Mongoose09 said about Disney Princess
FINALLY watched Moana. I really enjoyed it!! The animation is one of the most visually stunning I've ever seen. For me the movie lost a bit of its charm in the middle (that stupid crab) but it picked up again. Moana is cool, I'm not sure if I love her but I definitely like her, I think she'd be a good addition to the lineup. Oh and listening to the soundtrack on repeat <3 Posted 1 month ago
Starfox2000 commented…
Nice! Where did you watch it? I'm plan to see it, but everywhere I go the site wants me to registrate or download. Or did you bought the DVD? 1 month ago
disnerdtobe commented…
Awesome! The movie is so amazing! 1 month ago
wavesurf commented…
@Mongoose: Pua reminded me of Sven ( with the bit parts), while Hei-hei reminded me of Olaf for some reason ( since he got way more screentime). Peculiar, I know... :) 1 month ago
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Wishing you lots of happiness,sorry it's a little late,hope you had a lovely day ♥ 2 months ago
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Happy Birthday! Posted 2 months ago
Mongoose09 said about Disney Princess
It's my Birthday today!!! Posted 2 months ago
Starfox2000 commented…
HAPPY BDAY!!! Many wishes and bless for you on this day :D 2 months ago
noRAP commented…
Belated Happy Birthday , may all your wishes come true this year. 2 months ago
MalloMar commented…
Happy belated birthday! 2 months ago
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Hi there

Just created a new club I'd like you to join
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Thank you for your kind comments,it's nice to see you again too.Happy New Year♥ 2 months ago
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Thnx for the add back!

The Garnet Umbreon has spoken.

Anyways, how are the holidays for you? Posted 3 months ago