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Mongoose09 said about Disney Princess
I finally watched Big Hero 6 and have decided I want my own Baymax. Posted 2 hours ago
reflection11 commented…
Lol I love that movie! Baymax is literally amazing. Oh I love your icon! Tadashi<3 30 minutes ago
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PrueFever gave me props for my comments
Sorry I made you feel bad, that was NOT the intention! xD My bad :P Anyho, I'd like to hear from you as soon as you've seen Jurassic World :D Posted 3 days ago
connor3 gave me props for my articles
Thank you for your kind words :3 I always enjoy reading your articles! Hope there will be more of them soon! Posted 4 days ago
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I love your icon! Posted 7 days ago
anaswill gave me props for my comments
Thank you! <3 As do you :P Posted 9 days ago
Mongoose09 said about Disney Princess
Just watched Hunchback of Notre Dame - the soundtrack is just FANTASTIC! (well, aside from the song the Gargoyle's sing, but I pretend that doesn't exist). Posted 9 days ago
tiffany88 commented…
I love HOND's OST too, the Bells of Notre Dame is one epic song <33 9 days ago
Mongoose09 commented…
^ Haha, it's a fun song! It's just forgettable in comparison to the rest of the soundtrack (at least IMO). And yes Prince of Egypt soundtrack is amazing too! 8 days ago
324anna commented…
THOND and The Prince of Egypt have the best soundracks and they also happen to be my favorite animated movies. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) And while A Guy Like You cannot possibly compare with the other phenomenal songs like The Bells of Notre Dame, I still really like it, it's catchy imo. 8 days ago
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PrueFever gave me props for my comments
Hi, did you see Jurassic World yet? :D Posted 15 days ago
ToxicDoll gave me props for my polls
You are very welcome. I hope we can become good friends. Posted 17 days ago
tiffany88 gave me props for my comments
Yep, I try to be around more and more ^^ It's good to see you too! I really miss the old times sometimes XD Posted 19 days ago
haynay24 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Thanks for the add sweetie :) Posted 20 days ago