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Mongoose09 said about Disney Princess
what is it with people rigging polls against Elsa on this club? every poll she's featured in she loses because of quite obvious riggers. not that i'm particularly a huge fan of the character but it's still pretty sad that people feel the need to make sure she never wins a poll.

to the culprits and i mean this in the nicest way possible: get a life. Posted 13 days ago
Sk8er__grl commented…
Lol I was JUST talking about this with some other people on this club. I went into my hyper Elsa fangirl mode about it. The rigging polls against Elsa on this club have been going on since I joined five months ago and it's just pathetic. *Sigh* 13 days ago
Tygers_Eye commented…
I honestly wonder how empty and meaningless this person's life is to waste all that time and effort creating, activating, pulling up, and using dozens, if not hundreds of fake accounts to make a fictional character lose in a little poll in a little fan site with only 15-20 active users, 20-30 casual users. If you want to pour so much time and effort to make 20-30 internet strangers see that your least favorite princess is the least favorite rated in the polls (even though it doesn't reflect the group's opinions), you desperately need something more enriching in your life. A job, a hobby, a pet, a goldfish, a stamp collection; SOMETHING more productive with your time. 13 days ago
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The Elsa rigging just got ridiculous in my new countdown... I'll use the comments to decide the results =P 12 days ago
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